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Anal Bumper Cars Position!
Apr 13, 2015


Anal Bumper Cars Position: Definition - What does Anal Bumper Cars Position mean? 


Anal bumper cars is another of the rear-entry sex positions where the participants lie face down, facing away from one another and the male partner is on top. The name is derived from the fact that the partners make movements which mimics bumper cars at an amusement park. This position has a reputation for being challenging to achieve.


Kinkly explains Anal Bumper Cars Position like this: To achieve this sexual position, the female partner lies face down on her stomach spreading her legs. The male partner must lie on top of her, facing down at his partner's feet. Their genital areas should be aligned and his legs spread across hers. He then inserts his penis into her anus. Both participants must then push forwards and backwards, as if they are imitating the movements of bumper cars. To achieve the best angle, both partners should prop themselves up on their elbows. Anal bumper cars puts the penis at an unusual downwards angle, making it difficult to achieve, so be careful if you do try this one.


This position is not for everyone. Make sure that you use plenty of lubricant as the anus is not self lubricating. Put on your condom before getting in this position and set the lube within hands reach so you can add more as needed so you both can have nothing but fun! If you want to add even more fun into the mix try using a vibrating condom ring or a vibrator! The extra vibrations make for amazing orgasms.