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Anal Sex 101: Choose Wisely, Stay Safe, Have Fun
May 16, 2016

So, you are thinking about including anal sex in your sex life and want to do it the right way. That's right, there are some performance-based and safety questions to answer first. Not sure which products are right for you? Here’s a few things to keep in mind when it comes to lube and condoms for anal sex.



Use smooth, non-textured condoms.


Although you may be tempted to reach for your favourite ribbed/studded condoms, when it comes to anal sex, you might be better off sticking with a smooth, highly lubricated condom - at least while you’re still a beginner. The anus is a delicate membrane and textured condoms can lead to unwanted friction, which can result in breakage and/or irritation. Make sure to do this step right! It will save you from some, well, unexpected surprises.


Lube, lube, lube, lube.


We cannot stress enough the importance of lube when it comes to having great anal sex. Choose a condom that is lubricated and use additional lube liberally (don’t forget to add a drop inside of the condom to maximize pleasure!) Some people say it's just an unnecessary product to have, others disagree. But, sticking with the facts, perfect condom and a cool lube nearby are a powerful combination. Especially when we are talking about anal sex.


Use condoms with a silicone lubricant.


The anal canal is designed to absorb moisture, which means that condoms with water-based lubes can dry up really quickly, leaving you and your partner(s) at risk for condom breakage and STI transmission. That's why you should be pursuing condoms that are coated in silicone-based lubricant and ones that are known for its strength, sensitivity and performance. Also, if you are avoiding latex and having allergy trouble, there are long-lasting and super smooth solutions for you as well.


Don’t be afraid to go for more headroom.


A condom with more headroom like ONE Pleasure Dome or Kimono Maxx Flared allows for more comfort and sensation at the tip of the penis (also great for guys who need some extra room for foreskin movement!) Think of it like thinking beyond the surface and thinking few steps ahead.


Use silicone-based lubricant.


While there are lots of different options for anal lube, a lubricant that is silicone-based like Sliquid Ride Dude Lubricant or Pink Silicone Lubricant is going to be longer lasting and give you more bang for your buck during anal sex.


Avoid condoms and lubes with heating, cooling or desensitizing properties.


At least until you know how each of you will react.  The anus is extremely sensitive.  While warming lube or tingle producing condoms like Trojan Fire and Ice are fun to experiment with, they can be irritating and/or painful to use during anal sex. You’ll also want to avoid lubes that claim to “numb” your body for easier backdoor action. Anal sex shouldn’t be painful - if it is, you’ll want to know so that you can stop.