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Become the perfect stripper!
Apr 13, 2015

Become the Perfect Stripper!

In Honour of the new Private Dancer Pole Kit here are some tips to become the perfect stripper!  I am sure that like all partners at some point you have at least thought about stripping!  Why not try now.  Here are a few tips just for you!


Tip 1.

Pick your Stripper outfit!  You can dress up however you like!  Lingerie, wig, heels, fishnets, anything that makes you feel sexy.


Tip 2.

Choose out music that speaks to you and sets the mood for you.  If chose leather why not try dancing to "Cherry Pie" by Warrant, "Crazy Bitch" by Buck Cherry or "S & M' by Rihanna.


Tip 3.

Set your Stage.  Use the Stripper Pole and maybe some Christmas Lights.


Tip 4.

Stretch out and Practice what you think will be sexy moves in front of the mirror before the actual day you are going to strip for your man!  Unbutton, unzip, unsnap and slowly peel off your articles of clothing one at a time.  However, I would suggest for the faster songs that you also try using rip off clothes as well.


Tip 5.

Glide your fingertips over your thighs and collar bone.


Tip 6.

Pole moves.  I am sure after looking at a few of them you will think they are unattainable and that is ok.  You really can make up your own moves with your pole.  You just have to have some confidence that you CAN use the pole in your stripper act for your hubby. You can always look around your area as well.  

Some Dance Studios offer Stripper and Pole Dancing classes.  You can also get the Carmen Electra's DVD to help you out as well, makes a great work out video too! Get out there and have fun.   




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