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Nov 19, 2015

Imagine you and your sexy sweetheart have just finished a romantic candlelight dinner. It's now time for the special dessert you've both been waiting for with anticipation. Once in the bedroom, you pull out a condom (because safer sex is the best sex) and get ready for a fun and sexy time, but something doesn't feel too good. All you can feel is the thickness of the rubber material, the stickiness of the manufacturer's lube and all you can smell is pungent latex and acrid spermicide. Yuck! Sex is supposed to embrace the senses and be a mutually enjoyable activity. Thick condoms may keep you protected but may also leave you wanting more sensation.

Most standard condoms on the market do not provide people with the needed sensitivity to be able to focus on the true feelings of the experience. Nothing is worse than putting on a condom to find out that you can't feel a thing! It is important to explore different condom styles and brands to find a condom that is not only effective against pregnancy but also allows you to feel your every partner's move. Every company has its own version of thin condoms and it's up to you to find the one with the snuggest fit. With today's large selection of birth control methods, Condomania is here to help guide you through the maze of selecting the best super thin condom for him and her. For decades, issues with decreased sensitivity have been one of the biggest complaints about condoms. The plastic used to make them is just too thick for some men to find pleasurable.


Top condom scientists and product innovators have dedicated thousands of hours to researching and developing of super thin condoms that both women and men could enjoy. Every company has come up with its own formula and specifications on what constitutes as a thin condom. At Condomania, we are doing our part in helping you select from the best ultra thin condom brands in the USA. We display customer reviews with all that information on our site and encourage you to leave your opinion on condoms you've used in the past. Read first-hand accounts of what condoms are as close to bare skin as possible.


Trojan Condoms:

Trojan has been providing people with reliable and effect condoms for over 90 years. They rigorously test their products at all stages of production and that part of why people trust Trojan; another part is their innovating advances in condom options.


Trojan Ultra Thin:

These condoms are one of Trojan's most popular selling item. They come with Armor Spermicidal Lubricant, which some people may or may not want depending on how sensitive they are to chemical and odors. The great thing about spermicide is that it adds an extra layer of protection against pregnancy.



This latex condom boasts that is 25% thinner than standard condoms along with a more ergonomic design to increase sensation, fit, and comfort. It has an extra space in the semen reservoir tip for added protection. Men say this condom allows for more mobility inside the condom but still has enough of a tight grip for safety and peace-of-mind. Trojan Thintensity condoms use the brand's UltraSmooth Lubricant which is another component as to why many people feel like they are not even wearing a condom. This condom definitely is a favorite amongst favorites.


Trojan Bareskin:

Trojan has now developed their thinnest latex condom to date. It claims to be a whole 40% thinner than the standard Trojan condom which beats out their Thintensity condom for silky smooth comfort and sensitivity. Trojan decided to use a low odor plastic and electronically tests each individual condom to ensure it meets U.S. standards for quality and strength. This has quickly become many people's favorite go to condom, but rarely are they available in stores. Condomania can have these delivered to your doorstep with discreet packaging so you can try them out right away. They are sold in packs of 12 or 24.


Kimono Condoms:

Kimono condoms are considered to be some of the thinnest and finest brands of condoms in the world. Even though they are the thinnest of the thin, Kimono condoms pass vigorous testing by the FDA and consistently rise above ISO specification standards. In other words, Kimono condoms are not only super thin condoms but they are ultra-durable. No wonder Japan has such a low birthrate. With these condoms, you can be as vigorous as you want while not having to worry about the condom tearing or breaking.


Kimono Micro Thin with Aqua Lube:

The most popular product this company has been the Kimono Micro Thin with Aqua Lube. It uses a water-based lubricate which means no sticky mess! It's lambskin formula feels like there's nothing getting in the way of your passion. The Kimono Micro Thin with Aqua Lube condom is 20% thinner than the leading thin condom brand. Many men find themselves climaxing easier with the Kimono line of thin and ultra-thin product line.


Many people find that ordering a thin and ultra thin sampler pack is the best way to see which condom is the best fit for their individual needs. Browse for super thin condoms from the from the privacy of your own home with Condomania's comprehensive adult product database. No more needing to worry if you are wasting money on a condom that is not going to be thin enough to feel pleasure through. Don't let thick latex condoms ruin your orgasm. Shop all the best brand condoms from condomania, reviews, ask questions and comment about your favorite ultra thin condom. Not only is Condomania.com a great place to get information about the top-selling thin condoms, but they also deliver the order in discrete packaging straight to your front door. We also offer free shipping. Make sure to check out our sexy adult products at CondoMania.com and bring your sexy back!

Sex is supposed to embrace the senses and be a mutually enjoyable activity. Thick condoms may keep you protected but may also leave you wanting more sensation.


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