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Best Condoms For Pleasure
Dec 21, 2015

Let’s see for the conservative couples they may use the basic condoms. You find them in the aisle of a drug store and they just grab a box of condoms for one reason and that is to prevent pregnancy. Then you have those wild and playful couples they enjoy a variety of condoms. I decided to ask a group of friends what condoms give them pleasure. You will find my list quite interesting.

1. Conservative Gregory prefers his Magnum after Midnight.

2. Kinky Kaelyn loves Trojan FIre and Ice.

3. Kaelyn also she loves the enhancements in other condoms such as the vibrators and glow in the dark.

4. Moore-Lena enjoys her warming Lifestyles and Intensified Trojans Multi Package.

5. Brian conservative freak enjoys Trojan Pure Ecstasy and Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations with his wife.

6. My personal favorite is vibrating Johnny Condom.


In addition here’s a list of more pleasurable condoms:


1. Intense Sensitivity And More Pleasure

2. Sagami Original 0.01: World’s Thinnest Condom

3. Galactic Cap: 'Just The Tip' Condom

4. Trojan Pure Ecstasy

5. Durex Performax Intense

6. ONE Tantric Pleasures

7. LifeStyles THYN

8. Trojan Bareskin

9. Kimono MicroThin

10. ORIGAMI Condoms

11. Crown Skinless Skin

12. Durex's thinnest and extra sensitive

13. Beyond seven

14. Kimono Microthin

15. Iron Grip

16. Impulse Bare Pleasure Condoms

17. Trustex Extra Large

18. LifeStyles KYNG

19. Beyond Seven Studded Condoms

20. LifeStyles THYN Sensitive


The most important thing for couples to remember is to practice safe sex. There’s nothing wrong with asking your partner to get tested. Have safe sex practices and maintain monogamous relationships. You and your partner both can explore many enjoyable possibilities worry free.


The Pleasure Priority: The Best Condoms For Pleasurable Safer Sex


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