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Best Condoms to Buy
Jan 25, 2018
Best Condoms to Buy

What are the best condoms to buy?


We all know that condoms are here to make our sex safe and keep our bodies safe from any nasty STD’s or unwanted pregnancies but that doesn’t mean that using a condom needs to suck. Far from it! Now days the industry is flush with different condom types and styles and there is no longer a one size, or one type fits all requirement. In fact, there are so many different condoms available now that it can be really tricky to figure out which on is best for you. Honestly it is going to come down to trying out a few different types before you find your go to but there are a few things that you can look for to make the process a bit easier.


Below are some of the main types of condoms that are available and, as you can see, you get to decide exactly what you want from a condom, all the way down to its thickness. With so many options available you really have no excuse not to be using one! So get reading and find the condom that will blow your mind. And it’s not just the guys I am talking to either! Ladies, you also need to stay safe and take your sexual health and protection into your own hands.


Condom Types – Latex

Latex condoms are the most common and inexpensive common available. Latex is a form of rubber that is super thin and really flexible meaning that it is comfortable for the wearer and any other partner involved. Latex condoms are between 82% - 98% effective at preventing pregnancies, and if you use them correctly every time, then that effective will be a lot closer to the higher end of that percentage. The reason that this rate varies so much is because, due to the thinness of the latex, it does break somewhat easily if the size is too small or too large, or if it is not lubricated thoroughly. Although these condoms come lubricated already you should always make sure that you add extra lubrication into the mix too to be on the safe side.



Best Condoms to Buy

There are a few issues associated with latex condoms however, one being that they cannot be used with oil based lubricants as the oil will break down the latex making them pointless. Yikes! The other is that latex allergies are actually quite common and there are quite a few people out that will have a skin reaction to latex, but never fear there are other options out there if you are one of these people!


Condom Types – non-latex

Not long ago, the only condom options for non-latex protection was condoms make from lamb’s membrane. Lucky for our vegan friends, non-latex condom options have come a long way since then and there are a few options to choose from. While you can still purchase Natural Skin or Lamb Skin condoms they actually only work to protect you from unwanted pregnancies, but they cannot protect you from STDs or HIV as they are made from a natural animal membrane. However, people still enjoy using these condoms as they feel as close to the real thing as you can get while still preventing a baby!



Best Condoms to Buy

For those that aren’t so sure about using an animal membrane, there are two other main types of non-latex condom materials available; polyurethane and polyisoprene. Condoms made from polyurethane conduct heat much better than latex so feel much more like the real thing than a latex condom will, and they are also very thin which adds to the life like feeling. However, they do not have much stretch to them, so if the size is not quite right or there is not enough lubricant being used then they are much more likely to break or come of the penis entirely than a latex option. Look out for Trojan Supra, Durex Avanti or Reality Female Condoms.


Another option is polyisoprene. This is a synthetic version of a material derived from the sap of the havea tree. It is slightly thicker than latex but it is just as strong and will protect you from both unwanted pregnancies and STDs. The Lifestyles SKYN range is made from polyisoprene material.


Ribbed Condoms

Best Condoms to Buy

If you want to include some added stimulation into your protected playtime then a great option is to use a condom that has some ribs, bumps or nubs on it too to stimulate the receiver during intercourse. Whether they are called, ribbed, studded or extra sensation you are bound to find a texture pattern that gets you both feeling extra excited and extra stimulated.  Textured condoms are particularly good for those that struggle to orgasm while wearing as a condom as it provides added friction and more stimulation during the thrusting movements. Just make sure you add a lot of lube so that the ribs and dots don’t cause any irritation down there. Your genitals are delicate after all! Some awesome ribbed condoms to try out are Kimono Micro Thin Ribbed and the Trojan Studded Bareskin. These are two of my favourites as they offer intense stimulation for both people involved. The wearer gets to enjoy really thin latex that feels like it is barely there, while the person being penetrated gets to experience the fun textures. Win, win!


Desensitizing Condoms

On the other hand, there are condoms for those that get a little over stimulated and excited. Desensitizing condoms are definitely not ideal for a quickie but if you want a little help with a prolonged play session then these are the best condoms to buy for sure. These condoms are lubricated with a desensitizing lubricant to make you last a whole lot longer during your play sessions. Most of these products use the additive benzocaine which is actually a medical strength numbing medicine so you do need to be careful if you are, or suspect you might be, allergic or sensitive to these kinds of products. That might be an awkward trip to the emergency room in the middle of the night. It’s also recommended that you put on the condom a little bit earlier than usual and give the lubricant time to start activating on your skin and get down to business… so that you can to!


Best Condoms to Buy

Oral Condoms

It is easy to forget that it is not just penetrative sex that requires a condom. STDs can spread via oral sex too so you need to ensure that you are protected during oral sex too. I know that the thought of a latex condom in your mouth isn’t all that appealing when you are going down on a male but there are some great flavored condoms out there that will make the whole experience much more delicious for you. And while some brands will still have a bit of a latex aftertaste there are some that are seriously tasty. Check out One Flavor Waves range or the Lifestyles Flavored sampler pack. If you aren’t a fan of flavoured condoms you can always use a regular condom and add some of your favorite flavored lubricant or flavored oral gel over the top to get your preferred flavor that way instead.


Of course, if it is the female receiving the oral pleasure then a condom clearly isn’t going to work here, so look for an oral dam instead. This is a thin sheath that you lay over the top of the vulva that will protect the giver from any infections while still allowing the sensation to travel through with ease.


Anal Condoms

Just because you can’t get pregnant from anal sex it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still be using a condom. You can still pass STDs via anal sex so make sure you are properly protected with an anal condom. While there aren’t really condoms that are targeted specifically to anal sex, it all comes down to the fit and shape of condom to make sure that it stays in place even in the tightest of booty’s. Wearing the right size condom is super important during anal sex to avoid any slippage or losing the condom in the butt. There are larger and more snug condoms available for those on the smaller side. Look out for the measurements in the description and keep an eye out for words like snug or slim fit if you are unsure. If you are really concerned about anal safety, then go for a slightly thicker condom here to avoid any breakage.


Vegan Condoms

Best Condoms to Buy

Looking for a vegan alternative to standard condoms? No problem! Whether you have skin allergies that require something more specific or if you are a strict vegan then there are ethically sourced condoms available that will suit your needs. Vegan condoms use plant based formulas instead of anything derived from animals that you can use them without guilt. The Glyde range uses a thistle extract in place with the standardly used animal derivative casein (made from milk) in their recipe. Because of this they are also low odour and have a neutral taste which users love!


As you can see, there is a lot to think about when it comes to picking out a condom so don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the choices. Just take note of what you are looking for and test a few out. Just remember safety first!