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Best Lubricant For Men
Jan 12, 2016

When it comes to personal lubricants for men it’s a little different. What is important to men is wet, wet, and more wet. Also, what pleases him when pleasuring himself is the grip with the wetness. When he is shopping for lubricant, he won’t be as curious and researching as the women. A man would be happy with some petroleum and his hand. But, when it is time to have pleasures with his partner is when he needs to take into consideration what’s the best lubricant.

Unlike women, men may suffer from erectile function however, they have something that can help them. Older men usually face challenges such as arousal and sexual function, also known as erection. As men age they aren’t as sensitive when touched. Which means lubrication is needed more in this case. The man requires more caressing, take your time with him. Rushing him will not help him gain an erection. From my personal experience the best lubes in this case are water based lubricants. You will need to add more water however to add slip. Be sure to have a bowl of water and a bottle of water next to the bed. Also, massage lubricants will add to his pleasure. When it comes to oral pleasures for him cold bursts lubes would work better, again you will need some cool water. Warm lubricants on him may not always work, usually they will only relax him and keep him down. Unless you can move as a multi-tasker rather quickly.


Especially if he’s single and his only form of sexual release is masturbation. Honestly, they are more women to men but, there seems to be some shy men having a hard time meeting a lady. I remember these type of men were my favorite. I was the kind of gal that enjoyed teasing but I was not ready for sex quite yet. I always said a nice warm lotion and a tight grip is always the best and real feel. That’s where Boy Butter comes into play. Boy Butter is one of the top recommended lubes for men to use when it comes to their personal time with their guy friend down there. Boy Butter also has coconut oil in it which makes it a great lube and it washes off well after the long lasting for your self work out session there. Blue Butter


Why is it so important to lube it? Think about it this way. You are driving your car and you stop at a stop light. You notice someone attractive in the car next to you constantly licking their lips. As you are watching it is affecting and stimulating you watching this person constantly lick (wet) their lips. Now you try it. First shut your mouth and dry your lips, now lightly run your finger over your lip. Do you notice how dry your lip is? Lick your lips now and your fingertip. Run the moist fingertip over your moist lips. How does that feel? Did you notice the difference? Now do you understand why watching someone licking their lips activated your sexual endorphins? Bingo! Lube baby!


Now, I am sure I don’t have to tell you this… but I will just in case you have no idea what are the best lubes out there for you. Below I compiled a list of a few popular lubes… however, we could writes a book.


Best Lubes For Men (Askmen):


1. Slippery Stuff

2. A&E Personal Lube

3. YES Water Based Organic Lubricant

4. WooHoo!

5. Kama Sutra Love Liquid Water Based Lube

6. Higher Nature V Gel

7. Hydra Smooth Cream Lubricant

8. Durex Sensilube Intimate Moisturizing Gel

9. System JO H2O Warming

10. V Lubricant Water Based Silicone Gel Vegan Friendly

11. Swiss Navy Silicone Based Lubricant

12. ID Lube

13. K-Y Jelly

14. Astroglide

15. Sliquid Silk

16. Defense Protection & Lubricant

17. PJUR


Penis Creams - Too Timid Top Penis Creams:


1. Pleasure Balm Desensitizing

2. Hustler Liquid Sex X-Treme Lubricant with Ginseng Root

3. Elbow Grease

4. Elbow Grease Hot Formula

5. Liquid Sex Desensitizing Cream

6. ID Cream Him Leather

7. Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream

8. On Power Glide For Him

9. ID HIM Cream

10. Butter Boy


Guys you have some pretty good options especially when you decide to go solo. Keep in mind the best creams for solo play are the oil based creams such as Butter Boy, ID HIM you can purchase the unscented or the leather scent, Elbow Grease and other penis creams. Curious minds of a woman wants to know the scent of the leather. I personally think the scent itself could touch some senses. When you have your partner over you want to go with the water based lubricants and/or silicone based lubes depending on your partner's sensitivity. Always remember to practice safe and have sex responsively.



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