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Best Lubricant For Women
Nov 2, 2015

I’ve wrote about this before and we all know the wetter the better. Women are designed to be naturally aroused by a man she is sexually attractive to. This will cause her hormones to produce a natural lubricant from stimulation when she is aroused. Some women may get wetter than others. Then we have those women which aren’t as lucky. Either this is caused by their diet, some health issue, their partner cannot stimulate them as easy, and/or they aren’t as stimulated as easily anymore, or it could be from medications or dehydration. Growing up in a culture of islanders or what we may also call West Indian culture, our diets are full of healthy fruits, water, and a natural healthy diet. That is until you migrate to areas where those foods are very hard to find.

I have also heard there is a difference between women which are active and work out compared to women that are overweight. Women which exercise must constantly stay hydrated or they aren’t able to produce that stimulant wetness versus a heavier woman can produce an engulfing volcano. Also, what factors is different condoms or how long the sexual activity. Women can easily become dry, struggle with irritation and discomfort and this can be very frustrating for both partners. At this point sex isn’t as desirable.


Well, doctors realized they used lubrication for many reasons when testing and examining and noticed how beneficial lubricant is. Especially when OB/GYN doctors would examine their patients they realize using the lubricant helped with finding things when examining women.


So, we may ask when shopping for personal lubricants for women which ones on the market are best? Below we will discuss the 3 different types of lubricants.


Lubes 101


We have three types of lubes available depending on their needs. These types of lubes are:


1. Oil based lubes these lubes are oil based and should not be used with condoms and should perfume/scent free. You can use oil based lubes such as petroleum jelly, lotions, baby oil and some oil based warming lubes. This lube isn’t quite the favored due to the fact it may cause condom breakage and they have issues with the FDA.


2. Water based lubes are the most popular.


3. SIlicone based lubes last longer than the other lubes and can be used with condoms.


SInce women generally use lubricants in their delicate area, we should be very careful when choosing which lubricant for our needs of pleasure. It’s important to remember we will be using these lubes not only with our partner, masturbating, with our toys but maybe also for massage. Women like to go all out when it comes to getting her pleasure although it is not always talked about.


Below is a list of Female lubricants:


1. Shibari Premium Intimate lubricant

2. K-Y Jelly

3. Pre-Seed Personal lubricant

4. Ocean Sensuals

5. Premium Silicone lubricant

6. Liquid Silk

7. Passion lubes water based

8. Love Liquid Sensations

9. Penchant

10. Astroglide

11. Silky Safe Long Lasting Gel

12. Passion water based 32 oz

13. Wet Platinum

14. Sliquid h20 water based

15. Anti bacterial toy cleaner

16. Healthy Vibes

17. Pre-Seeds 1.4oz

18. Healthy Vibes Anal

19. PJur

20. Climax Bursts Tingling Lube

21. Astroglide Warming

22. Sliquid Organics Sensations

23. Swiss Navy Flavored Lubricant

24. Water Slide Personal Lube

25. Gun Oil H20

26. JO H20

27. Climax Bursts Cooling Lubricant

28. Namiko Water Based

29. Pink Water

30. ID GLide


You can purchase lubricants in drugstores, supermarkets, Adult stores, and/or online whether you are having vaginal sex or masturbating on your own. Take a dab touch your clitoris just to take your new lube on a test drive. You will know the results based on how well you know your body and you can please yourself.


Always remember to practice safe sex most importantly and use protection until you and your partner agrees to get tested and you both are comfortable and ready to maintain a monogamous relationship.


How To Choose Your Lube

Personal Lubricants


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