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Best Personal Lubricant
Mar 9, 2016

I remember the days in school we found ourselves fascinated with the basket full of condoms, lubricants including colored condoms. As young teenagers, we thought we hit the jackpot. I would grab a paper bag (lunch sack size) and feel my bag up with what I thought the guys I knew would enjoy. I was so excited I could not wait to get home and pour out my bag for my brothers and his friends to pick through my bag of goodies. Some of the lubes were warming and flavored. I had no idea what all of that meant…. I was just excited about having a one up on everyone else.

As I got older I enjoyed going to the clinics for free testing. Call me crazy, but the rewards were great. I was married and had one partner. Every year the clinics improved. Their lubes, condoms, free manicure, $20 off of your favorite condoms and lubes plus many more goodies. Again, I would pour out my bag of goodies and offer them to whomever wanted them.


For many years I experienced painful sex with my husband. It was something I thought you don't discuss. However, it was at the point he couldn't touch me anymore. I immediately booked an appointment with my OB/GYN. My doctor explained to me since my husband wasn’t the type to kiss and cuddle, we needed to add some lubricant to help us both enjoy lovemaking again. As she walked out of the room. My mind was spinning about all the lubes I had given away. When my doctor returned she gave me a cute basket filled with different types of lubricants, smiled and said if this doesn't help let’s see you back within a month. I wasn’t sure if the lubricants would help at all but I was willing to give it a try. I set the mood for my husband when he got home from work and let’s just say we enjoyed the lube. We may have had to add lubricant a few times during our session but I was able to enjoy intimacy once again. So, my point is lubricant is not only fun but it is almost necessary.


When it comes to your private moment when you just want to close the door and please yourself a little dab of lubricant may do it for you. This would depend on what type of masturbator you are, or if you just want a quick relief. I’ve known some that could use more than a dab because just a few minutes of private time is just not enough. Hey, whatever works for you. I am only here to suggest the best lubricants to use during your private moments.


Here’s a list of the best personal lubricants you can try:


Cheap Lubes


1. Wet

2. ID

3. Gun Oil

4. Elbow Grease

5. Swiss Navy

6. PJur

7. Adam & Eve

8. ALoe Cadabra

9. Aneros Sessions

10. Anal Ease

11. Aqua Lube

12. AstroGlide

13. Blossom Organics

14. Body Action

15. Body Butter

16. Boy Butter

17. California Fantasies

18. Candiland

19. Clean Stream

20. Climax

21. Colt

22. Divine 9

23. Durex

24. Encounter

25. Entenze

26. Fifty Shades of Grey

27. Fist Powder

28. Fleshlight

29. Frixion

30. Fuck Water

31. Good Clean Love

32. Grizzly Bear Paw

33. Hot Licks

34. J&D’s Bacon Lube

35. Je’Tame

36. JO

37. Kama Sutra

38. K-Y

39. LeLo

40. Lifestyles

41. Liquid Sex

42. Liquid Silk

43. MAN Glide

44. Max 4 Men

45. Maximus

46. Moist

47. Nature Lovin’

48. ONE

49. OPT-Male

50. Pink

51. Pride

52. Probe

53. Sex Grease

54. Sex Tarts

55. Slippery Kitty

56. Slippery Stuff

57. Sliquid

58. Spunk

59. Str8Cam

60. Stroke 29 Masturbation

61. Surgical Sterile

62. Trojan

63. Wicked

As you can see for yourself there’s quite a variety of personal lubes available. It’s what we call our gen generation of slip and slide sex. Whether you are looking to spice up, a solution and/or something for your own personal pleasure, you shouldn’t have any problems finding what you need. You can also use a product that is called Pleasure Works Please which has less ingredients and is more natural if you are concerned about chemicals. For the ladies if you are more sensitive and pronged to yeast infections Astroglide Natural Liquid would be best for you because it is a natural lubricant for those with sensitive skin. If you want something more stimulating use Intimate Organics it offers extra stimulation.


Don’t forget once you are done and you are successful accomplishing your pleasures. To clean up well with soap and water to prevent any lubricant from attracting bacteria. Enjoy whichever lubricant(s) you choose and the pleasure is all YOURS!



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