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Best Trojan Condoms
Dec 29, 2015

When it comes to your health, you know cutting corners is not an option. Investing in your health know will save you time and heartache down the street. Making smart decisions about your health care will have a drastic impact on your future. There is so little we can do to control external circumstances in our lives, but we do have control over family planning and birth control options. When it comes to protections from sexually transmitted diseases and family planning, you know you need a condom brand that you can trust. When using an off-brand company, you do not know when it is going to break or if it has passed rigorous testing that prove it can take a beating. Nothing ruins sex faster than worrying about the quality of the condom, or worse, finding out how poorly made the condom was a second too late. Don't ruin your life over faulty, cheap condoms. Keep reading to learn about the best Trojan condoms available today.

Best Trojan Condoms

Trojan products have been made in the United States for over 90 years because of their reliability, high-testing standards and a huge selection of sex-enhancing options. They are electronically tested every single condom in FDA-approved facilities to ensure they must meet U.S. standards for quality and strength. Trojan takes a lot of pride and puts a lot of effort into the efficacy of their condoms against many sexual concerns like childbirth and sexually transmitted illnesses. They even inspect their final products with lasers to ensure there are no holes in the surface areas of the plastic. It's not surprising Trojan has held such a high reputation for close to a century.


Trojan brand condoms have over 50 varieties of condoms and adult accessories like personal vibrators and caffeinated lubricants to add that extra edge some people might be looking for. This article is going to guide you through Trojan's best selling condoms for 2015. This data was taken from the brand's website and aims at providing you with the information you need to continue on your sexual health journey. It is important to remember that every relationship is different, and you may need to experiment with different condoms when you change to a different partner. Eventually, you will find 1 or 2 varieties that suit you and your partner the best. All condoms mentioned in this post are available for discrete purchase at Condomanic.com. Browse Condomania's huge selection of Trojan's most popular condoms in the comfort of your own home. Trojan condoms are a great bang for your buck and with Condomania's everyday low prices, you are sure to keep yourself and your wallet happy and healthy. Let's continue now to the list of best Trojan condoms.

Trojan ENZ:

ENZ is Trojan's middle of the road condom option. It is made of premium latex and also comes with lubricant for to reduce breakage and chafing while increasing pleasure and sensation. This is the condom that made Trojan America' #1 most trusted condom brand. When you just want to start off with the basics, you can't go wrong with Trojan ENZ.

Trojan Magnum:

Are standard Trojan condoms too tight for you? Then Trojan Magnum condoms might be right for you. This condom is larger than normal, but still provides a tight fit and unique reservoir design provide all the safety you crave. Look for the black and gold box and experience a condom that fits larger men.

Trojan Ecstasy:

These condoms come with Trojan's Stimulations Ecstasy Lubrication on the inside and outside to make a more natural feeling. It is shaped like a baseball bat to increase freedom of movement and comfort. If you are looking to spice up your sex life, this would be a great condom to try out.

Trojan Ultra Ribbed:

These aren't just any old ribbed condoms. These ribs are deeply inlayed to maximum her pleasure. They are only available in latex and come with pre-applied lubricant for maximum comfort. The ridges will bump and ride against for vagina to create a more intense sensation for her. Many women can testify to the glorious effects that Trojan Ultra Ribbed condoms have on their climax.

Trojan Ultra Thin:

These condoms are one of Trojan's most popular selling item. They come with Armor Spermicidal Lubricant, which some people may or may not want depending on how sensitive they are to chemical and odors. The great thing about spermicide it that it adds an extra layer of protection against pregnancy.


This ergonomic latex condom is 25% thinner than regular condoms. This item is very popular among men who say it provide plenty of mobility while still providing a tight and secure grip. Each condom comes with UltraSmooth Lubricant which helps mimic the body's natural pleasure sensations. Many guys say it's like they are not even wearing a condom.

Trojan Bareskin:

Trojan has out-done themselves again. They have now released their super thinnest condom yet. This low-odor latex condom is 40% thinner than the regular Trojan condom. It is designed for ultimate sensation and comfort. Needless to say, many people won't use anything but Trojan Bareskin condoms.

Pleasure Pack Lubricated Condoms:

Having a hard time deciding which Trojan condom is the best? Many people find that Trojan's Pleasure Pack provide them with the opportunity to try a variety of options without breaking the bank. Each box comes with an assortment of today's most popular Trojan brand condoms. Expect to find leading favorites like Trojan Twisted, Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations, Trojan Intense and Warming.


What are you waiting for? Jump in and get started on your sexual health journey with the most highly rated Trojan condoms. After 90 years of business, Trojan has proven to be trustworthy, reliable and effective. With Condomania, now you can buy the top-selling Trojan brand condoms from the privacy of your own home. Read reviews and leave comments about your favorite Trojan condoms. Condomania allows you to buy your favorite name-brand condoms at competitive prices. Stop relying on mystery brand condoms, and start taking advantage of Condomania's high-quality, low-cost adult products. Also with discrete packaging we also offer free shipping on certain orders.


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