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The Best Beyond Seven Condoms
Oct 12, 2015

All this time buying protection, I have never come across a brand that works well for both my boyfriend and I. We have tried Trojan, Lifestyles, Durex, as well as other off-brands. Most of them do not stretch enough to fit his member causing him to lose his erection within a few moments, others do not have enough lubrication and it feels dry when he puts it on and causes chafing (and who wants their phallus chafed, honestly). After Ordering Beyond Seven Condoms, I will not be looking any further for a pleasurable fit.

With the Sheerlon material being so durable, I do not have to worry about the condom tearing and getting pregnant. The blue color makes for an interesting conversation (like "looks you have a Smurf dick" or "so that is what blue balls spread look like"). He does not complain about it being too dry either, which is another bonus. Being well endowed we seem to come across the issue of having it fit as well, whereas this brand does not seem to have an issue stretching to fit him in the best ways possible.


The best part about this whole adventure is that I finally get to have the good sex I deserve. I no longer have to worry about my boyfriend’s penis losing gumption mid-way, or him saying "Ouch" because his junk is raw, and I can focus more on my role and achieving climax. There is enough lubrication that I no longer need to use my oil-based lube (and ladies, always use oil-based because water-based will cause rips and tears). As for sensitivity, we both fully enjoy this product. We have an easier time reaching climax together because it is thin, durable, and able to withstand the friction that is applied. You do not have to worry about this product failing if you choose to have an elongated sex session, no changing condoms in-between.


The advantage to this product is the price. Although this company is located in Japan, I have found them to be a cheaper than most American-made condoms I have bought. Whether you are buying it from some off-brand site, Amazon, or even the Walgreens website they are less expensive than their American counterparts. The best part is you can find website that will ship it to you discreetly if you are feeling embarrassed about sharing your sex life with your bank or Credit Card Company. Basically, this product is a win/win situation for anyone looking to have great protection and even better sex.


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