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What Happened to Coripa Condoms?

published at Apr 15, 2015
An update on Coripa custom sized condoms. ... More

Today's Position: Crab or Kangaroo Shuffle!

published at Apr 14, 2015

Todays Position: Crab or Kangaroo Shuffle: - In this position as well as many woman superior positions, the female can control the angle of penetration to suit her needs. From here she can direct him to hit her g-spot as she moves up and down.

... More

Different ways to have sex on a table!

published at Apr 14, 2015
Different ways to have sex on a table! Are things heating up in the kitchen? Want to take it one step further? Here are some ways to make your kitchen steamier than you ever thought possible!... More

The Sultry Saddle!

published at Apr 14, 2015

The Sultry Saddle: Great for...If you want to try something new, sideways sex is a great place to start! How does it work? He lies down with his knees bent and legs apart, and you sort of slot in the middle at right angles to his body. 

... More

Sex Position of the Month: Spider Web

published at Apr 14, 2015

It's time of the sex position of the month! And in honor of Halloween being right around the corner, this weeks sex position is called "Spider Web." This deeply intimate pose entangles you and your partner close together and allows you both to achieve stimulation through grinding or circular motions, which is different than the normal in and out.

... More
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