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Bodywand Rechargeable Vibratior
Mar 7, 2016

Did you think the Original Magic Wand was fun? So did we, but now there is a newer shiny toy out that has our eyes, our heart, and our body under its control. Introducing the Magic Wand Rechargeable. The younger sibling to our original favorite toy with new aspects that still bring mind blowing orgasms and so much fun.

What makes it so much fun you may ask? Well we are here to tell you all about the new details of the Magic Body Wand Rechargeable. Maybe the greatest change is that there is the option of having a cordless toy. Now you can take it anywhere with you such as in the car, out of town, or outside for a little fun. The Rechargeable comes with the option of having its own charging adapter or a 7 ft cord for those who like being plugged in. Now you have freedom and flexibility. Another new aspect is that there are four intensity levels instead of just two like the original.


That’s not all folks! Besides a change in intensity levels, you can now change the patterns of vibrations. You get so much variation from this new toy. Also the new toy is better for the body with a silicone body-safe head to emit the powerful vibrations on your body. The only thing that is similar to the Original is that the measurements are the same with a 12 inch long body and a 2 ½ wide head. Don’t worry about trying to fit this inside of you since the purpose is to massage the outside of the body and specifically the clitoris on women. This one is a little heavier in comparison to its predecessor coming in at 2 pounds, which makes it one of the heaviest vibrators on the market. You still have to keep it out the water since it isn’t waterproof or splashproof!


The Magic Wand Rechargeable has all the similar functions to the original, so you won’t be missing out on anything. It can help you in all types of situations. Its original use was for the purpose of massage. It is pretty effective at working away back pain, and to heal your sore muscles from a tough day. Relieve all types of tension with this Magic Wand. However, the more popular use is for masturbation. Women, use this to have multiple orgasms, or have your partners use it on you during sex. You won’t regret it.


The power is still one of its best features. Each level of intensity is better than the next, and the lowest is still more powerful than a majority of vibrators on the market. You will not be disappointed. The only way to tell a difference between the power of the new and the Original would be if you were best friends with the first wand. The patterns are definitely a highlight of this new toy.


The five patterns that are available include steady vibrations, two quick pulses followed by one long pulse, medium pulses, only quick pulses, and a variation between low to high vibrations. You won’t be bored with this toy, that is for sure. Other than those benefits, this vibrator is very similar to the Original. It can be quite loud, but doesn’t make your hand wobble at all when using it on your body. If you need more than just a steady vibration in two speeds then this toy is the way to go. It offers you multiple orgasms in a variety of different ways. Just watch out for fakes!



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