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Cheap and Expensive Condoms: Does Price Really Matter?
Mar 14, 2017

Choosing the best partner for an all night adventure has always been a great challenge for most men. But picking the right armor is far more challenging.

Condoms are basically made as a primary defense against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Centuries ago, condoms have been known only by members of the upper classes. But with today’s heightened battle against STD’s and STI’s, you no longer need to carry in your veins the blood of a royal family in order to acquire one. The mass production of condoms and other contraception had made sure that the public will have unlimited access to it - whenever, wherever and as long as the need arises.

However, the vast array of choices has made it a lot more difficult in knowing what’s best and what’s safer to use. 

Cheap and Expensive Condoms: Does Price Really Matter?

When it comes to details, most men’s patience is always far beyond the required.  Knowing and understanding where, how and when to use it is already enough to catch their attention into buying it and overseeing the differences in their quality. This is usually where the problem starts.

Condoms play a vital role in your present and future plans, and before grabbing another set, might as well learn a few pointers to help you finally decide in choosing which brands you want to try. 

Quality: The Battle Between Cheap and Expensive Condoms

Quality comes first before the price.

This is true for most if not all. But there are those whose ideals are of the opposite. Typically, we tend to buy things that is perfectly withinour budget. However, in this case, the chances of exposure to risks are extremely high.

Condoms are expected to be strong, elastic, scratch resistant and are usually made from different materials like latex, lambskin, polyurethane and polyisoprene. The cost for each type of condomis based on their materials and qualities.

Latex condoms are the most widely available and among the least expensive. Most latex condoms in the market these days are coated with spermicide nonoxynol-9 (N-9), which is proven inadequate in protecting against unwanted pregnancies. Furthermore, research no longer promotes the use of N-9 as it may potentially smooth the progress of STD’s and STI’s transmission. Lambskin condoms are made from the intestinal membrane of a lamb making it the oldest material and ineffective in protecting against viruses and infections. Polyisoprene condom, like the Durex Real-Feel No Latex, on the other hand is the newest and is a bit more expensive option for users as they have a soft, natural feel that conforms to the skin and great for those with latex allergy.

The better the quality, the more secure a condom user feels. 

Just the right size!

Condoms are like any other apparels - you need to find the most comfortable, and of course the right size. One of the common mistakes of most condom users is not knowing that there is more than one size available, and ends up wearing the wrong ones.

This is because; some of the condoms available in the market does not specify or indicate the sizes. Making it an uncomfortable experience for some condom users. Instances like these arise from cheap condoms that do not specify the sizes in their packaging. Expensive condoms, on the other hand, are labeled accordingly by their manufacturers with the right specifications and sizes. Thus, minimizing the chances of mismatch and uncomfortable moments. 

It All Goes Down to the Lube

Another and most common difference between a cheap and expensive condom is the quality of the lubricants. Lubricants play an important role in your intimate moments as it prevents the condom from breaking, decreases painful friction in every penetration, and defines the pleasure and comfort you experience.  The lubricant in each condom must be premium quality and hypoallergenic like the Kimono Microthin Plus Aqua Lube. High quality lubricants may come a bit expensive but it does not only ease painful sensations, but it also contains substances that contribute to the eradication of the sperm and thus, provides an additional protection against unwanted pregnancies. 

The “Add-Ons” and Special Features

Usually, add-ons like Silicone Clear Magic Cock Ring, and condoms with special features like Rough Rider Studded and Trojan Magnum Ribbed, make each night of adventure more exciting and thrilling. They may be a bit pricey but the experience will all be worth it. 

Never jeopardize your intimacy by the sudden “Ooops! Stop! I think it’s ripped!” moments. A little ounce of precautionary measure and a pinch of know-hows won’t hurt you.

With today’s technological advancements, innovations and developmentsmake our life a lot easier and safer.Knowing whatproducts to choose will not only save you from future financial losses but will surely save you from a thousand headaches. 


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