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Different Ways to turn on your Man!
Apr 13, 2015

One Major turn on for your man is if you tell him how much you love to do the dirty!  Especially with him!  Ladies you could sit there for about 5 minutes and tell him all the dirty things you want to do to him and he will be melting in your hands! 


Different Ways to turn on your Man!


And I am betting that while he is melting in your hands you could be massaging said melting areas with our Organic Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is the perfect warming lube to make him squirm!  I know, I know you are thinking Coconut Oil? BUT I have tried it and O.M.G. is all I can say about it! 


The warming sensation here was the best out of all the warming lubes that I have tried.  Just remember, tell your man how much you love to roll in the sheets with him and exactly what you are thinking of doing to him!  You can even start early by texting him little hints throughout the day! Why not turn on an ultra scary horror flick. Turns out that there is some research and guys get turned on by Fear as well!  Feeling threatened is linked to arousal in the brain.  Who knew anxiety could be such effective foreplay?


Skip the little black dress when you are going out.  Men find women sexier in a Little Red dress more so then the LBD. So forget the LBD that we all search for and get your hands on some red picks! Adding to the LRD you may want to make sure you have matching undergarments and lingerie. This shows that we put time and money into looking good just for him!  Double dose the red and get a matching set of unmentionables in red to wear under your LRD! This makes for the perfect turn on!


Men get turned on by women who laugh.  This may be due to the fact that it reminds them of the moans that they hear during sex. This is one more motivator to date that guy you thought was funny.  Or perhaps you have already married him.


Men of course are attracted to tushes and breasts.  They always have and always will.  Add a little extra cleavage every now and then. Walk a little bit ahead of your man and let him watch your tush in action!  I am betting that if you just barely glistened your cleavage with a flavored lube that you both like that this will increase the chance that he will be turned on by your cleavage.  It gives him the perfect opportunity to just dip to that right spot with his tongue and get you both going! 


Men also love accents and the sound of your voice.  They may not admit it as readily as we do about the sound of certain accents or tones as we women are. Like for instance for me it is anything Southern or Scottish ;)


Men operate visually as well as with sound.  Trust me when I say that he will be extremely turned on while watching you with your toys.  Whether he is involved or not he will thoroughly turned on by you pleasuring yourself.  Being in search of new toys can be a challenge we all know that.  Whether we want a dildo with a rabbit or one without, or a g-spot vibe or a bullet all of us women are different.  And we all need to learn to not be shy with the toys when the Boyfriend/Hubby is home! One more thing today, if you have your tongue pierced use it ;) Once your guy sees it he will immediately think of how it would feel and get extremely turned on.



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