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Durex Extra Sensitive Condom Review
Mar 14, 2016

Let's get straight to it!


The Durex Extra Sensitive condom is one of my favorites. It allows both partners to feel all of the sensations that you should be feeling. Using a condom shouldn’t have to be a burden. It should be easy and safe. It shouldn’t take away all of the feeling of natural sex like some condoms do.


Durex Extra Sensitive will not disappoint. I am going to review a few of the most important things about this condom; taste, smell, feeling, and safety.

Durex Extra Sensitive Condom Review

Taste and Smell

Durex’s Extra Sensitive condom doesn’t haven’t that awful smell of latex like some condoms do. That strong latex smell really bothers me so I was very happy that this one didn’t have that smell. The taste of them isn’t too bad. The flavored condoms taste a little better than this one does, but it still isn’t a bad taste.


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You don’t taste the latex. Some condoms have that awful rubbery taste to them but this one doesn’t really taste like anything, which is great. If you’d like to find out more about flavored condoms, you can read all about it -  The What And Why Are Condoms Flavored?.


Durex’s Extra Sensitive condoms feel excellent. They are very thin so they don’t take away a lot of feeling. Sometimes, I forget my partners even wearing one. Yes, it’s that thin! He always tells me that he loves this condom so much because he can feel the heat and sensations. According to reviews I have seen online, others feel the same way. Here are a few reviews I found:


  • Review by Lily - This condom is extra thin, well lubricated and transmits body heat well. It has a great fit and is my favorite go to condom for when I want to feel everything.
  • Review by Amy - Feels really, really good for both me and my boyfriend, doesn't smell like latex like some condoms (ahem, Trojan) and tastes/smells great if you are using them for oral.
  • Review by Kelly - The feeling is very intense with these condoms. My boyfriend can feel everything. These are about as close as to using no condom. Highly recommend!
Durex Extra Sensitive Condom Review

What I really love about these condoms is the lubrication. They come with lubrication already on them. The lube is actually not water based like most of them are. The lube that comes on this condom is much more slippery and long lasting than any other condom I’ve used. It saves me from having to have that awkward pause dig the lube out of my dresser drawer and apply it.


I found that others agree with me as well. The lubrication on these condoms seems to be what most people love the most about these condoms. Here are a couple of reviews that I found:


  • Review by Brian - Before tying the Durex Extra Sensitive, I only bought Crown Skinless Skins. (I rate them a 5/5 as well).


The Crown Skinless Skins as much as I like them, tend to dry out quickly. The Durex Extra Sensitive are very well lubricated so no extra lubing needed. Highly recommended!


  • Review by Ryla - I haven't had problems with these condoms. They have a lot of lube which is great!


Even though they are extra thin, they are extra strong. They can really withstand a beating. They seem like they would tear so easily but I’ve actually never had one tear. I’ve also seen plenty of reviews and most people haven’t had one break before either. A number of condoms from each batch are tested to tolerances that far exceed worldwide quality standards. If even one condom fails, then the whole batch is discarded.


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They also have a reservoir tip which greatly reduces the chance of the condom breaking by reducing the pressure of the semen inside the condom pushing at the tip. The extra lubrication also prevents friction which can reduce the chances of the condom breaking.

Bottom Line

Durex’s Extra Sensitive condom is one that I will use for a long time. It does not restrict feeling like most condoms do. It actually doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing one at all. I love how it doesn’t taste or smell like latex at all. It is also very safe. Although thin, it is very durable.


It can withstand quite the beating. It’s been tested and has that great reservoir tip. It’s also very cost effective. If you’d like to find out more information about the most reliable condoms, you can visit condomania.com. Enjoy safe sex without having to sacrifice the feeling of natural sex!


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