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Durex Performax Condom
Oct 16, 2015

The attractively colored dark purple package of the heat activated “Climax-Control for Him” and a “Longer Ride for her” the Durex Performax condoms are generously sized and a good fit for larger guys. They feature a body heat-activated, desensitizing, 5% benzocaine lubricant on the inside. Slip it on and it works slowly to numb those man parts. There is no numbing on the outside so the sensitivity remains for the girl and the numbing prolongs climax for the guy. There’s ribs and studded texture on the outside to ensure maximum mutual pleasure for the receiving partner.

When used correctly when having sex the latex condoms will help prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and other SDI’s. They are also durable, strong, and flexible to prevent breakage. In general we found that it works very well for men who have a problem with pre-ejaculation. However, some men will really not like the reduced pleasure and sensation, of the Durex Performax Condom. But for some men they will be delighted that they can last longer.


For those men that don't have problems lasting as long as their partners it could  make the situation a little uncomfortable when the male carries on for much longer than normal. I believe that most women will be reasonably happy with the Durex Performax Condom. The studded exterior helps enhance clitoral stimulation and builds passion and excitement for you both. Without a doubt, the woman in the relationships is more than likely to love the Durex performax Condom. Each Durex Performax Condom is 100% Electronically Tested for strength, flexibility and reliability. They are made from Natural Rubber Latex and they have a Reservoir End with a Nominal Width of 56 mm.


They are very easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Unlike some latex condoms, Performax Intense condoms are manufactured in a way that produces a pleasant scent. This means not having to worry about any unpleasant distractions and as a result relax and enjoy every moment with their partner. The use of desensitizing condoms is highly recommended if you require additional stamina support. You will most likely be very pleasantly impressed by their extreme effectiveness.


On the other hand, if you don't truly require this type of condom, experiencing numbness and difficulty to climax are more likely to be the result. Durex® Condoms don't just meet worldwide quality standards, in fact they exceed them. That is the reason why millions of people across the world trust Durex® every day. Over 80 years of quality service.



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