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Extra Small Condoms
Dec 17, 2015

So, there you are anticipating a great night of sharing pleasure with your partner and you want to be well prepared. The obstacle you face is you happen to be one of the 35% of men who need a smaller sized condom. Unfortunately, you also realize that the vast majority of retailers do not carry condoms in smaller sizes. This is where advance planning is important in order to enjoy sex without the worry of a baggy or loose fitting condom.


If condoms were sold like Starbucks coffees, where a small is called “Grande”, we wouldn’t have the added discomfort of purchasing our needed size condom at our local retail stores. We don’t buy size 12 shoe if they are out of our size 9 shoe, right? Getting the right fit is key to what really matters, having confidence while we enjoy the pleasure experienced with our partner.


Obviously, we don’t want to be distracted from the task at hand. We want to be able to focus on giving and receiving satisfaction without uncertainty. Whether you need a smaller sized condom or an extra small condom variety, ordering them from Condomania.com will make sure you are well prepared.


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So, picture this, you are in an unexpected moment where things are getting really sexually charged with your lover and you resort to using one of the condoms they carry. It doesn’t fit properly and you not only have the worry of being unsafe, but also you start to feel off your game because the condom is loose and baggy.


Here is where preparation is KING. Buying the correct size condom is a practice that is for the well versed lover. Try to get into the habit of being well stocked with a condom that fits and provides the pleasure you and your lover deserve. You will never be in that awkward moment of being faced with wearing a horrible fitting sleeve ever again. You will be forever pleased that you did, and your partner will be grateful, too. Remember, a poorly-fitted condom is not only unsatisfying and distracting, but it’s also less safe and less effective.



So, you may be asking yourself, “What condom size am I?” The simple answer is if standard sized condoms slip and bunch up on you then you need small or extra small condoms. Precision matters. So, let’s take the plunge into the wide world of condom selection and shopping.


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For a state of the art slimfit condom you might consider the Glyde Slimfit Condom. This condom is both ultra thin and durable. We all know the benefits of both of those key features. This brand is well suited for the discriminating connoisseur of tailor fitting condoms. Who can argue with a company that known for being a strong promoter of safe sex practices, follows Fair Trade guidelines and is Vegan Certified.


Let’s pause for a moment to give credit for the “Monster-Truck-Voice” packaging of the Caution Wear Iron Grip condom. Every bit of confidence helps sometimes, and this brand has gone out of its way to show the benefits of it’s manly strength with a wrapper image of riveted steel. Internationally acclaimed Iron Grip offers the snuggest and slimmest fit currently available in the United States. One of the most highly rated of the smaller size condoms, the Iron Grip features a classic shape and ultra-smooth silicone-based lubricant.


Another favorite with some enjoyable extras is the Lifestyles 3Sum Condom. This quality smaller condom delivers a “hat-trick” (pun intended). It is narrow and shorter, textured, and features a contoured head for better sensitivity. The texture comes from the ribs at the head, along with series of studs placed along the shaft, bringing extra pleasure to both you and your lover.



We know, we know, the variety is overwhelming, but look on the bright side. These are choices you probably didn’t even know about until now if, like many of us, you have relied on your local supermarket or drugstore for your condom selection. Now there are all these options, and you can enjoy trying them until you find just the right fit. In this case, the journey can be as rewarding as the destination! One more option for you, is, well, more options. Condomania offers a smaller size condom variety pack, no kidding. The Snugger Fitting Condom Sampler, in packs of a dozen, will give you several kinds to try, including the Beyond Seven Superthin condom, the Beyond Seven with Aloe condom, the Beyond Seven Studded condoms, and the Lifestyle Snugger Fit condom.


Personally, if you aren’t familiar with the fantastic fit and feel of a smaller sized condom, I would start with the sampler. This way you will have a variety to choose from and you and your lover can find out which brings the most satisfaction. You know, keep trying until you hit the mark. Practice makes perfect, right?


We should count ourselves fortunate, indeed, that we have a great resource and that we actually know about it. Too many are left in the dark, thinking that the selection found in your local grocery store, pharmacy or convenience store is what we have to work with. It really is a bunch of bull. Simply put, we shouldn’t have to settle for a poorly fitting condom in order to enjoy sex! I am delighted to find and report that we don’t.



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