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Five Secret Fixations that Men have
Apr 13, 2015

Men have 5 secret fixations! I bet you are just dying to know what they are!

Here is a list of the top 5 fixations that men have!  You may or may not be surprised.

Feet are the top of the fixation list!  Reflexology shows that some parts of your feet are actually connected to genital pleasure.  If your guy is offering you a foot massage take him up on the offer!  Try wearing your favourite heels to bed and nothing else!  As we all know guys are more visual when it comes to arousal this will be the perfect show for him.


Butts and Boobs are also a major fixation.  Men are hardwired to love them!  Play around with different positions to enhance these areas. Doggie is a great one for him to see your tush!  And as always with you on top he has access to your girls!  We have posted LOTS of positions in the past few months for you to take a look at!


Lingerie and leather definitely make the list of fixations!  And they both can enhance your sexual rendezvous!   Lingerie is a turn on because it is not meant to be seen every day!  Turn him on by sending him a snap chat photo of just the strap of your lacy bra you wore today.  You can even send him a text telling him you have on his favourite pair of lace panties.  Keep them on as long as possible when you go to bed.  Leaving them on longer while making out can make the session that much hotter.  


Exhibitionism or Voyeurism is on the fixation list.  The adrenaline pump that you both get when you think about getting caught, mixed with your already hot hormones create and cocktail of desire that can become addictive.  Since neither of you want to end up in cuffs public places are not very practical.  Try keeping your window open when you are getting busy.  This can help create the same feelings.  You could try not wearing panties and sending him a text about it just before you head into the restaurant for dinner and prove it when you get home.


BDSM is also on the list.  If you try this you will need to require a "Safe Word".  Even if you are just messing around with light bondage ALWAYS have a "Safe Word".  You can try with light spanking or biting, possibly hands tied with a silk tie or scarf will give you guys the right amount of feelings whether it is something that you would like to continue or not.  There are videos and blogs online that can help you guys as a couple get to know the BDSM lifestyle.


Have a Fantabulous  Monday! Miz SassyPants





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