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The Best Flavored Condoms
Apr 13, 2015

Flavored condoms is designed to add safer oral sex to your life in a way that you’ll forget that you are even using a condom.  It’s a myth that you don’t need protection during oral sex like you do during normal sexual intercourse.  This dangerous misconception allows sexually transmitted diseases like HIV to be transferred just as easily through oral contact as they can through sexual intercourse, making it just as important to make sure you are protected.  


Flavored condoms are therefore an easy and fun way to stay protected. It is available in fun flavors and bright colors that are sure to add some excitement to any sexual encounter. Flavored condoms are available in a variety of flavors such as banana, grape and orange. They are designed and flavored to smell and taste better than regular condoms.  They are also versatile and can be used for both oral sex and sexual intercourse, so long as a new condom is used for each act.  Flavored condoms have the same level of safety as other condoms, making safer sex even more fun.  As an added feature these flavored condoms is available in various styles and colors such as ribbed and standard designs. This ensures that all tastes and preferences are catered for.


Make use of these fun and safe sex tools to add some spice to your love life.  Flavored condoms offer excitement and more versatility to the sexual experience. This is making it easier and more fun to abide to the important guidelines for safe sex.  A Condom should be used every time when performing oral sex to provide protection and pleasure for both partners. This will prevent the spread of dangerous sexually transmitted diseases and infections orally.


 Flavored Condoms for Intercourse?

 When using flavored condoms, be sure to check the box before using them for anything other than oral sex.  Some flavored condoms aren’t safe for anything other than oral sex, as the flavorings can cause irritation to delicate skin.   Before using a flavored condom for sexual intercourse, make sure that the packaging says that it’s ok first to avoid any potential problems.  Also, look for flavored condoms from established brands, as many company’s produce flavored condoms that are meant to be used as novelty items only.  Novelty condoms aren’t made with the same quality and safety standards as well-known brands, so be sure you know what you are buying before purchasing flavored condoms.


One of the best things about flavored condoms is that they cost around the same price as regular condoms yet add a new level of fun to each oral sex experience.  To see how they might work for you, purchase a few different brands and flavors and have fun testing them out!  You’ll be surprised at how much better flavored condoms taste when compared to standard latex condoms, making them the perfect choice for protection during oral sex.  Not sure if they’ll work for you?  Try out a few different kinds and you will be surprised at how easy to use and fun flavored condoms can be.




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