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Fordyce Spots: Harmless Bumps Confused with STI's
Aug 5, 2015

Most people love talking about sex, but nobody ever wants to discuss the unflattering parts that come along with it.

Sadly, most things we refer to as unflattering are totally normal!

There are tons of spots and bumps that occur all over our bodies throughout our lives, but anything below the belt can send you screaming and running to your nearest doctor (we all know we’ve been there).

Fordyce Spots

Have you ever heard of Fordyce spots?

It is a dermatologist condition where small bumps or spots are found on the lips, labia, scrotum, or shaft. Many people mistake this issue for some type of STI (sexually transmitted infection), but it is far from that. Today, most don’t even know what Fordyce spots are because we find ourselves being embarrassed and secretive when something just isn’t right downstairs. From a young age, we have been taught to be ashamed of issues like this to the point where we candy coat the reality of what it’s like to be HUMAN! Fordyce spots have been proven to have no connection to any type of STD or HIV. It’s defined as an ectopic sebaceous gland (means wrong place) that, instead of showing up in places we grow hair, it appears in other moist tissues of our sometimes gross yet completely normal bodies.

Can you take a guess where moist places on our hot bods usually are?

How dare these evil pests sneak into our panties and boxers (and mouths), attack our most intimate areas, and then make us their home!

Fordyce Spots Around the Mouth


Fordyce spots usually have a pale white or reddish appearance (measuring from 1 to 3 millimeters in diameter). They should be painless, but after a long night of “Fifty Shades of Grey” sex, you might have a little bleeding or discomfort. These dots we get sometimes are actually common in 80 percent of Americans; and that’s only the people owning up to it! Treatment is usually frowned upon until all possible home remedies have been tried first. These bumps remind me of troublesome case of acne, or maybe even a pair of eyebrows that desperately need to be waxed because they’re really only a cosmetic concern. As simple as that may sound, with this day and age, one itsy bitsy cosmetic concern is actually like a straight kick to your ego.

If Fordyce spots are killing you emotionally then you seriously need a chill pill. After all guys, it doesn’t really matter what your hammer looks like as long as you know how to pound it right. And ladies, if you can ride that pony like you just won the show, your Fordyce spots are the LAST thing your man is thinking about.


Top 10 cures and remedies for Fordyce spots:

1. Leave the bumps alone to self-resolve!!!
2. Maintain good personal hygiene so the bumps cannot get worse
3. Incorporate garlic into your diet
4. Maintain a healthy diet and get all necessary daily vitamins
5. CO2 vaporizing laser treatments (for severe cases)
6. Tretinoin gel or cream may treat the bumps
7. Pulse dye laser to eliminate spots (for severe cases)
8. Chemical peels can produce improvements
9. Anti-sebum treatments and natural extracts
10. Liquid nitrogen freezing

So look, keep having that amazing, sweaty, kinky sex!

Don’t let Fordyce spots hold you back from anything in your life and be proud of those lumps, bumps, spots, or even polka dots! After all, it’s only certain proof of your wonderful humanity.