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Foreplay that will bring out the wild in your man!
Apr 13, 2015

Foreplay that will bring out the wild in your man! Who says foreplay is out of season and boring? You want things to become hotter than ever before and/or rekindle that old flame? Try bringing foreplay back into the bedroom and out! You will be amazed at the difference a little foreplay can have on your love life! Do you ever wonder if guys really enjoy foreplay or not? Truth is that they do! With a few foreplay tricks, you can make him have incredibly powerful and enjoyable orgasms. With just a few tips and tricks, you can have the most amazing and mind blowing sex ever! 


1. Use your lips! 

Try using the ultrasensitive border around his lips and also where his neck meets the chest to your advantage. Tease him a bit by biting and tugging, very softly, on his lower lip. Then slowly move to his ear and neck working your way down to his chest! He will go crazy!


 2. Leave the lights on! 

Let him see you! Guys are very visual. It all starts in the mind. They get turned on by what they see. You, naked, is probably one of the biggest turn on’s you can give your man. Get undressed slowly and let him watch. Flaunting your body will make him go wild! 


3. Talk dirty to him! 

You can use this on your man long before you ever make it to the bedroom! This can build huge sexual tension and have your man going crazy all day long! There is a big misconception that talking dirty has to involve bad language and crazy talk. This however, isn't true. All you really have to do is tell him why he turns you on, what you want to do to him, and what you enjoy. This will drive him nuts! Don't forget to be a bit vague with your statements throughout the day too! This will keep him guessing and thinking about you all day long! Want to take it one step further. Play a little game with our dirty dice and see what happens! 


4. Take the initiative and kiss him first! 

Be a bit aggressive. Gently bite one of his lips or try squeezing one of his lips between yours. Don't be afraid to use your hands while kissing him either. Kiss him all over, not just on his lips. Tease him a bit by sucking on his ear lobe and blowing gently in his ear. Then move down his neck to his chest all the way down to his belly button and then work your way back up again! He will be begging you for more! 


5. Give him a good hand job!

Give your man a hand job while kissing him. Need a few pointers on how to do this? Use your entire hand to grip his shaft, and then just use your thumb and forefinger. Grab your man's penis firmly for a bit, then go to a softer and gentler stroke for a few, before grabbing him more tightly again. Run each finger slowly over the head of his penis then grab his shaft with your fingers and put your thumb over the head. Use some of his pre-cum as a lubricant, and move your thumb in a circular motion over the head. This alone can make him climax! 


6. Build sexual tension! 

Just before you are about to have sex, tease him a bit! Grab hold of his penis so that you have control. Start rubbing your labia and clit with the tip of his penis for a bit before allowing just the tip of him to enter you. After just his tip enters you, about half an inch, then pull him out. Do this for several minutes and you will have your man eating out of your hands! 


7. Rub his head! 

This can be done as pre foreplay, foreplay, or even during or after sex. Massaging his scalp feels wonderful! You can do this while sitting on the couch and watching TV, to start getting him in the mood. Keep your hand loose and slowly start by pushing your fingers through his hair towards the top of his head. When you reach the top of his head, curl your fingers slightly gently bringing them down into the opposite direction while lightly scratching his head. This is a great way to start turning him on and getting him in the mood. 


8. Tease him with your tongue! 

Use your tongue to your advantage. Use your tongue rather than your lips cushioning the edge of your glass when sipping your drink. Or use your tongue to find your straw. Just the slightest glimpse of the tip of your tongue will make his imagination go wild! 


9. Give him a blowjob! 

Let's just face it ladies, all guys go crazy when you go down on him! Start off by teasing him a bit. Firmly grab him and start to gently stroke him. Move on to kissing him from his lower belly all the way down to his upper thigh! Just the proximity of your mouth down there will excite him. Then start to kiss his penis. Kiss him from the tip of his penis all the way down the shaft. Then start licking him. After licking for a few, grab his penis firmly with one hand and put about an inch of it in your mouth. Use your tongue to massage it. Use a circular motion using your tongue over his head or just simply rub your tongue back and forth. While sucking, give him a gentle hand job. This will drive him nuts! Don't forget ladies, you can always use a condom or flavored lubricant if it makes you feel more comfortable. Trust me, your guy will gladly use condoms or lube if he knows what the end result will be! Check out the Bad Girl's Bible for some great tips on how to give a mind blowing blow job! These are only a few different ways to help out with foreplay and drive your man wild. Play around and figure out what is best for you and your partner. It is super important that you and your partner both feel comfortable! So, with that being said, go forth and have the time of your life.




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