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ForPlay Personal Lube
Nov 18, 2015

Personal lube for Forplay? I never heard of such a thing. It was something so foreign to me. Until a good friend told me about the products her and her boyfriend used. I felt immediately curious about these products and convinced to give them a try.


I took to google to start my research. ForPlay Personal Lubricant is non staining, water based, and condom compatible. ForPlay's unique, long lasting lubricity will add to your fun, comfort and sensual pleasures. Okay sounds fun but how much fun would it add to our bedroom that isn’t already there? I researched more and found ForPlay actually comes in many different products such as bottles, pillows, pumps, squeeze tubes, liquids, gels, flavored heating lubricants, varieties with aloe vera, and adult toy cleanser.

ForPlay is a personal lubricant which adds some extended pleasure if you are solo or even with your partner. It can also be used with your favorite toy(s). ForPlay offers different lubricants also for extremely sensitive skin. Customers rave about the flavor as well as the thickness of the lubricant versus other lubes on the market.


At this point I was sold on this product and I figured I would give it a try myself. I especially love the pump versus the regular bottles you normally see when purchases your personal lubes. Also, we didn’t use much, a little went a long way. I personally enjoyed the way the lube felt as it was massaged into my skin. And, I know you are waiting to hear how I feel about the taste. Okay, well it was pretty pleasant. I didn’t have an after soap taste as I had with those cinnamon heat warmers. I’d definitely recommend adding a few of these products to your kink basket. Matter of fact, they would make great bridal gifts as well.


ForPlay offers different products in a variety of sizes which you may order from the comfort of your home. Those products are:


1. Forplay Gel Plus (19oz and 1.2oz) ingredients includes Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

2. ForPlay Gel (19oz. 10.75 oz, 2.5oz and 1.2oz)

3. ForPlay Lube De Luxe Cream 2.4 oz

4. ForPlay Liquid 1.2 oz

5. ForSlip 10.75oz, 2.5 oz, and 1.2oz

6. ForPlay Succulent Strawberry 1.25 oz

7. ForPlay Succulent Wild Strawberry 5.25 oz

8. ForPlay Succulent Watermelon 1.25 oz

9. ForPlay Succulent Kool Watermelon 5.25 oz

10. ForPlay De Luxe 9.7oz and 2.4oz

11. ForPlay De Luxe Gel Plus 2.4oz

12. ForPlay Liquid 10.75 oz, 5.2oz, 2.5oz

13. ForPlay Gel Plus 10.75oz, 5.3 oz, 2.5oz

14. ForPlay Succulent Champagne 5.25oz

15. ForPlay Succulent Cherry 1.25oz

16. ForPlay Succulent Cherry Jubilee 5.25oz

17. ForPlay Succulent Great Grapes 5.25oz

18. ForPlay Succulent Juicy Fruit 5.25oz

19. ForPlay Comic Convo 5.25oz


You can use ForPlay in many different ways. Once you pick up your favorite gel try one of these methods:


1. Shower Sex

2. Warming lubes- let’s heat up your sensitive spots.

3. Flavored Gels-have a light snack (Yum).

4. Condom Sensation-Add an extra slip and slide!

5. Give a Hand- Good Job there Elbow and wrist there!

6. Ladies Instead of Spit lube it!

7. In need of a good massage? Rub that lube on baby!

8. Use your finger-Self Pleasure Uh Huh!

9. Let’s Play with our toys!

10. Bottoms up!


ForPlay is a great additive to keep your man aroused. When a woman is aroused she will get completely wet. However, it doesn’t always work for all women. Some women tend to experience dryness from certain condoms her partner is using, or vaginal dryness could be caused by diet, medication or change of life. In any event when it comes to using ForPlay lube a little dab will do. The erotic wetness from this lube, and the smoothness drives both partners wild. It enhances sex with your partner in so many ways. Matter of fact you can enjoy the lube while pleasuring yourself as well. Remember when using any lubrication to wash with soap and water to prevent bacterial infections because lubricants attracts bacteria.


Always remember practice safe sex and don’t forget your ForPlay personal lube and lube it up!


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