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4 Ways Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant can Improve Life for the Postmenopausal Woman
Jan 19, 2016

As a postmenopausal woman, your life is likely wonderful in many regards. You have the wisdom that comes from a lifetime of experiences, and more free time to enjoy hobbies and time with family and friends. But you also likely have struggles. One of the worst of these is vaginal dryness. You’re uncomfortable, maybe even in pain. Sex may not be as fun, because the dryness just makes things painful. You probably feel embarrassed and worried about pleasing your partner. You might feel like you are defective and that something is wrong with you. You might even feel like it is your fault, that you are unable to feel sexually aroused. But vaginal dryness doesn’t have to ruin your day or dry out your sex life. Use of a personal lubricant can make life so much better. Perhaps the best lubricant for vaginal dryness is Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant.

Here’s how it can improve your life:


1. Daily Comfort:

Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant can be worn all day long, regardless of whether or not sex is on the agenda. Walking around, shopping, having lunch with friends, or playing with your grandchildren will be much more satisfying when a big part of your brain is no longer focused on the uncomfortable, dry, and sensitive feeling down there. You’ll just feel like yourself, and your mind will be free to enjoy life as it’s happening. Apply the lubricant after bathing and you’ll be good to go. Just use a few drops and massage it into your skin.


2. Long-Lasting Benefits:

Maybe you’ve tried a personal lubricant before, and while it works, it doesn’t last long! Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant is silicone based, so it doesn’t quickly absorb like other personal lubricants. You can wear it all day long, and feel comfortable! You won’t need to worry about having to reapply constantly. You’ll save money, because you won’t need to keep replenishing your supply of the the product like you would with other personal lubricants.


3. No Concerns if You Have Sensitive Skin:

Swiss Navy All-Natural Lubricant is water-based, and doesn’t contain any parabens, glycerins, or petroleum by-products. If you have sensitive skin, along with vaginal dryness, you don’t have to worry about exacerbating one issue while you solve another! You also don’t have to worry if your partner has sensitive skin, as the lubricant won’t cause any problems for him either. A silky-smooth feel (unlike what you get with other natural lubricants) and long-lasting comfort without the risk of skin irritation will give you amazing peace of mind. Both Swiss Navy All-Natural Lubricant and Swiss Navy Silicone lubricant are hypoallergenic, so you don’t need to worry about any allergic reactions.


4. Amazing Sex:

When the issue of vaginal dryness is solved, sex at this age will probably be the best of your life! Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant will really amplify your sexual responsiveness. Your state of arousal will only be increased. Combine this with some drawn-out foreplay, and your pleasure will be incredible.You can even make applying the lubricant a fun part of the foreplay. Your partner can erotically rub some lube over your vulva, and slide some inside. Then you can seductively slide some lubricant along the shaft of his penis. Applying lubricant doesn’t have to be a sterile act. In fact, it might become something both you and your partner look forward to as an exciting prelude to lovemaking. With your mind no longer worrying about pain or discomfort, you can really let go and be in the moment.


The increased intimacy with your partner will make you both happy and always ready for more! You partner will be more in the moment too, as he’ll no longer worry about hurting you. You’re both free to feel, to intimately connect, and to explode with pleasure. You can even enjoy some quickie sex, without much foreplay. Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant is also great if you have a particularly well-endowed partner, as his size won’t cause pain, only pleasure. Additionally, you are free to use a condom with the lubricant, as nothing in the lubricant will break down the condom, and it will minimize any irritation from the latex. Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant can also be used for sex in the water, and for marathon sex that lasts for hours. You won’t dry out, and the pleasure can go on and on. If you partner suffers from erectile disfunction, your use of Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant can even help him, as the lubricant will increase his sexual stimulation as well. Sex will be better than ever for both of you. If toys are part of your solo or partner sexual play, Swiss Navy All-Natural Lubricant is a great option, but you can also use the silicone version.


Don’t let the vaginal dryness that comes with being older hold you back any longer! Try some Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant, and free up your mind to be in the moment and enjoy your life. Live a full life without wasting any precious energy thinking about discomfort and pain. Apply and go, knowing the long-lasting product will keep you feeling comfortable. Enjoy a full sex life, with increased pleasure for both you and your partner. Make the product just a part of your daily routine. Simply apply after bathing, and go about your day. Apply more to both you and your partner as an erotic aspect of your foreplay, and experience incredible sex, as often as you desire and in many different ways. Once you try a Swiss Navy lubricant, you may well forget that vaginal dryness was ever an issue, and you’ll be able to fully enjoy the beautiful age you’re at. Without vaginal dryness, it’s an age full of exciting possibilities, from living a full, active life to having an incredible sex life. If you’re unsure that these personal lubricants will work, you can read some Swiss Navy Lubricant reviews or just try a smaller size of either the Silicone or All-Natural versions. Then, after you see how great it works, you can get a better value by purchasing one of the larger sizes. Let the best time of your life begin!



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