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Favorite Condoms, Free Shipping
Jan 11, 2016

When my six sisters and I were teenagers, (all at the same time), my mother decided, as every good parent does, that it was important for us to have access to free condoms for the sake of safer sex. So, she bought a box of condoms and put it in the bathroom closet, and swore to us that she would never look to see if they were gone. None of us believed that she really wouldn’t check, at least not enough to ever use them.

Favorite Condoms, Free Shipping

So, when my own children became teenagers, I approached this concern differently. I gave each of them 'The Talk' at the appropriate age. I made sure I included the questions, 'Where can you get condoms?' and 'Where can you get free shipping?'


Specifically, access to free condoms, that your parents weren't involved in helping you get, is vital to teen sex safety. We all want our teens to wait until they are mature enough for sex. I told my own children, 'Having sex while you are this young would be a mistake. However, I don't want you to die from an avoidable disease over a mistake.' So making sure your teen knows where to get proper condoms is of utmost importance. 


For the rest of us, the condom samples from Condomania can allow you try a new brand or get a better fit. Did you know that Condomania has condoms in both large size condom sampler and snugger fitting condom sampler, to give you a snug, good feeling fit? Condomania delivers their condoms conveniently by mail in a discreet wrapper. They have both samplers to let you try a new brand, and large packages to get the best price on your favorites. 


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Suggested Read: Best Place to Buy Condoms Online


When I was a newlywed, I bought mail order condoms - back in the pre-internet days. I bought about 1,000, only to have them deliver me 1,000 out-of-date condoms. (Might explain how I ended up with 4 kids!) You need to be able to trust your condom supplier. You want the brands you want, fresh condoms you can feel secure about, delivered discreetly.


You deserve to feel confident about your condom supply. And you equally deserve not to come home from work to find an embarrassingly wrapped package on your front porch in view of your neighbors. Condomania is your assurance than none of these horror stories ever happen to you. 

Favorite Condoms, Free Shipping

The ABCs of Condoms

Condoms can be more than a safety measure. They can be a fun, sexy addition to your sex life. Condoms not only come in a variety of colors and sizes, they come in fun textured condoms (for her pleasure) as well. Get some free samples, buy a variety, and do some field testing. It's a great excuse for a fun evening!


Some of Condomania's sampler packs are a great choice for this purpose! Add to the romance of an anniversary or other special day by using her favorite color. Color theme the entire night, with a colored light bulb and negligee all in the same color! For an interesting change of sensations, try Trojans Fire & Ice condoms


Condoms can solve a number of problems in your love life, and are not just for safer sex. To help you last longer, try Durex Performax Intense, which help you control your climax with temperature sensitive reactions. 

Resolved: Latex Allergy

For those with a latex allergy or sensitivity, there are basically two choices: latex free and all natural lambs skin. Lamb skin is a preferred choice for birth control for many who find it easier to feel sensation through, however, it does have some drawbacks.


It is not a good choice for a vegan, obviously, nor is it a good choice for the disease control aspect of safer sex - the natural pores are larger than some of the micro-organisms we're trying to keep from sharing. However, for birth control or just plain fun, it can be an excellent choice. For safer sex, if you are latex sensitive, choose a latex free option. 

Favorite Condoms, Free Shipping

Some people prefer pre-lubed condoms, while other people prefer to use their favorite lube. Condomania also stocks a wide variety of lubes. It is important, if using a latex condom, to choose a water soluble lube.


Also be sure to get a lube that is safe for oral play. Try smaller packages of condoms until you know what you and your partner like best. You wouldn't want a night of oral pleasure to be curtailed because your partner doesn't like the taste of your lube! For a true bonding experience with your partner, try KY's His and Her lube.

Few More Condom Tips

Many people prefer to wear a condom during oral sex, for the same safer sex reasons that they chose to wear one during PIV sex. For oral use, most people prefer a non lubricated lubed condom. Although, many people find that they like the feeling of textured condoms in their mouth. It's fun to try! Get a variety of textures and see if there is one that your partner prefers. Again, texture is for her pleasure! 


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If you are mixing up your play, always change condoms between different types of sex (oral, vaginal or anal, for instance) for health reasons. Condomania makes your condom choices inexpensive enough that you can do this without giving it a second thought. Always play safe! And while it's important to always have condoms available when you want to use them, be careful where you keep your condoms.


Never keep them in a wallet worn in pants, where the friction will wear them down even through their packaging, and don't keep them in the trunk where the heat of the car and the sun will compromise them. When you do use Condomania to buy your favorite products in bulk, always store in a safe, comfortably cool environment, like a bedside drawer or the bathroom medicine cabinet. Remember, Condomania offers free shipping on all orders over $25. 


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