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Fun tips and tricks for great foreplay!
Apr 13, 2015

Want some new fun tips and tricks for great foreplay?


Sex can be tantalising, without question! However, adding and focusing on foreplay rather than the actual sex can bring you and your partner to new heights of ecstasy! Bringing a bit of foreplay to your bedroom, and out for that matter, can make sex more amazing and exciting than you ever thought possible! 


1. Strip teases can be magical! Make it fun! Put on some slow sensual music, push him down on the bed, and straddle him! Then slowly get back up but make him stay on the bed. Keep constant eye contact with him while slowly removing each individual piece of your clothing. Don't allow him to touch you, only watch you. His imagination will be running wild with anticipation! Save your panties for last and when you do take them off, do it painfully slow! Tease him and make him want it! 


2. Light a candle or get aromatic flavored massage oils! Just the scent alone starts getting you in the mood. Give each other full body massages; let your hands do the talking. Use long nail strokes and little pinches all over to pique pleasure. Rub on some flavored oils and then slowly lick them off of each other. The smells get things going and licking gets you wet in all of the right places. 


3. Keep each other in the dark! Use eye masks or tie a silk scarf or tie around your partners eyes. Not being able to see what is coming next makes your sense of touch that much stronger! Want to really pique your loves interest and have them hot all day long for you? Slip a silk tie or scarf in their briefcase or purse with a little note letting them know they will need this later. Your partner will have a hard time concentrating on anything but you all day long! 


4. Shower together! After a long day of work, a shower sounds good, right? Take that one step further. When your partner gets home from work, turn the shower on and leave a trail of clothing for them to follow you. A bit of cold water can steam things up really quick!  


5. Lap dance tease in public! Sit on his lap, sit, not straddle, seems innocent enough, right? Wrong! Slowly start to align yourself with his and shift your weight every so often. Once he realizes what you are doing he will be hard pressed to ever let you get up again. ;) 


6. Kiss, kiss, kiss! Kissing is most likely what got you were you are to begin with. Don't forget this. Switch your kisses up. Kiss her deep and passionate! Then move on to pecking her on the mouth, nose, forehead, neck, and ears. Once you've actually started to have sex, don't forget to keep up with the kissing. Kissing her periodically will keep her in the mood!


7. Men, go easy! Girls like it when you are strong and tough, but we also like to know that you can be gentle. You can still be in control of everything yet by being gentle you are letting her know that you are thinking of her and her needs! Go slow and ask her what she wants. Aim to please her and she will return the favor, if you know what I mean.


By asking her what she wants, she knows that you are there to please her and not just trying to get pleasure yourself. Selflessness in the bedroom is huge! Take time and do whatever you can to please your partner instead of trying to get what you want, and you won't be sorry!


8. Girls, take control on occasion! Most of the time guys like to have control, but every once in a while, you take total control. Pull out all of your tricks! Trust me when I say, he will be so turned on by the fact that you are being forceful and taking control that you will both get maximum pleasure from this! Take the initiative and be forceful right from the start. Grab him and lead him to the room. Push him down on the bed or couch. Be a bit animalistic! Have fun with it! Rip his clothes off, and then proceed to rip yours off. If he tries to help, smack his hand away. Make sure you stay on top so you have complete control. Aim to please him. He will take your taking control as a sign of lust and show him that you want it and enjoy it as much as he does! Guaranteed, next time, he will aim to please you. Men, make sure that you let her know that you approved when it's over. If she takes control and initiates things and you don't let her know that you were happy with her extra effort and loved her initiation, or she may never do it again. She may take your silence as you didn't like it. 


9. Switch things up! Try some new positions every so often. Sex can get boring if you never change things up. Nobody wants that! Sex should be fun and exciting, not a chore. Need a few tricks in this department? Get a board game, book, condoms with positions, or dice! Have fun with it! If you aren't stuck on positions, then maybe get a new toy to try out some new tricks on each other with. You can use a bullet, a g spot vibe, or vibrating cock rings. Toys aren't your thing, then just go with a colored condom or glow in the dark condoms, some flavored lubes, or a flavored condom. Whatever you choose, just make sure you are both comfortable with it. The key here is to get out of the normal every day routines. 


10. Whispers! Your warm breath in your partner’s ear will tickle the nerve endings and get the rest of their body stirring! Want to get lucky when you get home? Start whispering sweet little nothings into her ear when you are at the movies. Or when you are having dinner with your friends lean over occasionally and whisper in her ear what you are going to do to her later. By the time you finally make it home, she will be putty in your hands! 


11. Put your body into it! When kissing, put your whole body into it! Wrap your hands around your partners head. Run your fingers through their hair. Grab their butt or rub their thigh with your other hand. Girls, God gave us boobs for a reason. Press your boobs into his chest while pressing your pelvis into his. Kiss each other all over your bodies, not just lips. Want to leave your love breathless? Try letting your parted lips linger on their body, and then slowly exhale. The temperature change due to the rush of hot air will leave their skin tingly and heighten their arousal! What started out as a little kiss can turn into something hot and heavy quicker than you thought! 


12. Play hard to get! Drop subtle, yet clear hints that you are in the mood while watching TV or cooking dinner. Give him a real intense stare or a super intense kiss. Then go back to what you were doing and pretend that nothing just happened. Ask him to tie your apron for you, or grab an ice cube and suck on it over exaggerating your lips and tongue! Once you've gotten him to a combustible point, ignore him. This will drive him out of his mind and amplify his orgasm. Make him work at seducing you. Anticipation can be your best friend! By doing this, you will relax the mood make it a memorable experience for both of you. 


13. Touch yourself! But not in the way you are thinking. Wait until you know he is watching you, then take time rubbing on some lotion, adjust your skirt, or caress your thigh and complain about a sore muscle! Enjoy the looks he will be shooting you as you draw his eyes to your body. Trust me, once his eyes are drawn to your body, his brain will follow suit! 


14. Dress down! You heard me right. Less can be more. Ladies, treat yourself to a naughty baby doll or negligee that leaves little to the imagination. Meet your man at the door and you probably won't even make it to the bedroom! The best tips and tricks I can give you as far as foreplay goes, is just have fun with it. Don't focus on the actual act of sex, or wanting to get pleasure yourself. Focus on your partner and their wants and needs and you will be happier than ever! When you are focusing on trying to make your partner happier, then they will definitely return the favor!