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Hall of Fame Condoms
Feb 25, 2016

Condomania’s Hall of Fame Condoms



Beyond Seven Condoms

Beyond Seven condoms are an example of the best latex technology in the world. These super thin condoms are made of latex called Sheerlon, so strong it can be made thinner than ordinary condoms without sacrificing reliability. They work by the “the thinner the condom, the more you feel” rule. These condoms are perfect for those who are seeking a condom which is slightly narrower, offering maximum sensitivity and is of average length. Beyond Seven condoms are definitely the go to condoms if you're looking for a condom feel that is like you're not wearing a condom at all!

Word from our customers on Beyond Seven condoms:

✔  Alex – I'm so glad I ordered these. They feel like nothing is there!

✔  Jeremy – You get a lot, you get them for cheap.

✔  Raymond – What can I say, I can't live without it.


Non Latex Condom Sampler

Non-Latex Condom Sampler - One Dozen: Condomania's Non-Latex Condom Sampler features the two leading non-latex condoms available today for exciting hi-tech sex: Trojan Supra and Lifestyles Skyn. Latex allergy can cause some really frustrating and unnecessary complications for people allergic to it. Not to worry, it’s not anything serious, but way better to avoid it. They way you can do this is to buy condoms that are Latex free. They are cool, effective and do the job just as every other latex condom does. The only difference is you avoid all those allergic reactions after.

Word from our customers on Non Latex Condom Sampler:

✔  Micah - I really prefer non-latex. You can feel so much more and these are a perfect fit.

✔  Jerrykin - It's really nice to sample different ones before you buy an entire box. 

✔  Serena - My boyfriend is sensitive to latex and had no issues with these condoms. Great sensitivity and fit well. 


Snugger Fitting Condom Sampler

One of our most popular sampler packs, the Snugger Fitting Condom Sampler is perfect if you have problems with condoms slipping off or if the condom becomes loose at the head with extra condom. Condomania's snugger fitting condom sampler features:

✔  Beyond Seven condoms

✔  Glyde SlimFit condoms

✔  Sustain Tailored Fit

✔  Lifestyles Snugger Fit condoms

Word from our customers on Snugger Fitting Condom Sampler:

✔  Greg - These totally helped me.

✔  Jerry - These condoms are definitely worth the buy as there was absolutely zero slippage.

✔  Taylor - Fantastic that they stay so well on.


Naked Luxury Condoms 57mm

Ultra-thin soft latex with patented design allows great balance of thinness and sensitivity. All condoms are coated with a silicon based lubricant made in Germany exclusively for Naked. Naked Luxury Condom 57mm really is Condomania’s ‘flagship’ product and a star in our Hall of Fame selection. The standards are higher than regulating bodies and the industry as a whole. They basically triple test every condom at the factory before it’s shipped.

Naked spent over three years in research and development designing the foil and machine to manufacture the best condom foil in the world.  The challenge was to eliminate the unpleasant design found on standard condoms and to allow the foil to tear easily from either direction while maintaining the integrity of the packaging according to ISO and FDA and the highest worldwide standards and lastly, make the foil appealing but strong enough to maintain the safety of the condom. Six layers of foil are used so that they protect, tear and feel perfect. You’ll feel the difference in your fingers…and your toes. With that attention to detail, imagine what we did for what’s inside. Keep calm and go with Naked Luxury Condom 57mm.


Caution Wear Iron Grip

Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit Condoms are one of the most popular snugger fitting condoms we sell. Featuring an ultra smooth silicone-based lubricant, a classic shape, and a tighter fit, this is the go-to for men who demand the security of a more tailored condom without compromising on performance. One of the smallest fits available in the US with FDA approval. Clear latex and reservoir tipped. Electronically tested!


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