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Hitachi Magic Wand Review
Jul 6, 2015

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a dominating force in the massager industry. This massager has been around for over 30 years and is the best-selling massager/vibrator in the world. This very well-known massager has been revamped since August 2013 and is now more powerful and efficient. This massager is known for its durability and quality and begs to be used and abused. The Hitachi Wand has two speeds and can be plugged in for more power if needed. You don’t ever have to worry about the batteries running out with this bad boy. Not only does this have a large foam head there are plenty of fun attachments that are offered with this wand. 

Now we start to get into more serious packages which I will discuss as follows: 
The Platinum package offers a wand speed controller/extension cord, the g spotter, wonder wand and the love nubs attachment. All of these fun attachments are sure to impress and please your partner. 

The Fem Deluxe Package will really get your lady business excited when you get the flutter tip attachment, the wand speed controller and your own bottle of ID-Glide. These are ready for your use with all of your sensitive body parts. 

When you want to get your man something special for his after hour pleasures look no further than the Commando Package. This package is sure to get his motor running when his partner is away. It comes with the M-Gasm Wand Attachment, Wand speed control and his own bottle of gun oil lubricant. 

Another great package for you man which will make his masturbation experience unlike anything else is the His Package which includes the hummingbird attachment which will make him explode in minutes. As the site says, “grab your pistol boys, it’s about to get wild.” 

Now if you’re looking to really spice things up, break out the leather and get the Kinky Package. This package includes what you need when you need some leather in your life. The Forced Orgasm Belt by Strict Leather allows you to get pleasure with a hands free method. You can use this belt all by yourself or have your partner tie you up and force you to orgasm. This package will add a whole other dimension to your sex life. 
Now for that special lady in your life, treat her right and get her the Lady Love Package, which includes the best of all the attachments. She gets a tri-gasm, a g-tip attachment, a flutter tip attachment, a love nub and blue magic attachments. This will elevate all of her pleasure zones and call you big papa! 

You can also however buy a lot of these fabulous attachments separately. If there is a specific set up or attachment you would like to get for you or your loved one. Some attachments aren’t in packages and they are as follows. 

The P-Spot which targets the male g-spot or the prostate is a great attachment. The bump is a Magic Wand original due to its unique nubs. It creates a natural feel for the user and you will love how it feels. 
The ride n vibe is a very high quality dildo that pulses vibrations inside your body when the massager is turned on perfect for the man or woman looking for the real deal. 

I had no idea the Hitachi Magic Wand had so many fantastic attachments and uses. This gets a double thumbs up from this user. 


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