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How To Find Your Condom Size
Nov 11, 2016
Condom sizes

How To Find Your Condom Size

40% of men are wearing the wrong size condom; are you?


The statement ‘one size fits all’ has never been more wrong than when it comes to condoms. Recent studies show that at least 40% of men are wearing the wrong condom size. For proper protection against risk of STIs and unplanned pregnancy, finding the right size condom is crucial, so let’s unpack how you find your perfect fit.


Condoms come in 3 size categories

You never want your condom to feel too tight or be too loose – both scenarios can leave you feeling uncomfortable and at risk. So how do you choose the right size?


Condom sizes

Well, to begin – you’ll fit into one of 3 size categories:


Standard Fit – standard fit condoms range between 2.04” (52mm) and 2.13” (54mm) in width and 7.01” (178mm) and 7.9” (200mm) in length, and generally fit those with a penis girth between 4.7” (119mm) and 5.1” (130mm)


Snugger Fit – snugger fit condoms range between 1.77” (45mm) and 2” (50.8mm) in width and 6.7” (170mm) and 7.5” (190mm) in length, and generally fit those with a penis girth below 4.7” (119mm)


Larger Fit – larger fit condoms range between 2.13” (54mm) and 2.7” (68mm) in width and 7.5” (190mm) and 8.46” (215mm) in length, and generally fit those with a penis girth bigger than 5.1” (130mm)

Pro Tip – a toilet paper roll is your best friend

To determine which of the 3 size categories you fit into, simply slide a toilet paper roll over your erect penis and gage the fit.


Standard Fit

If there is just enough room, you fit into the medium size category, which accounts for 50% of men.


Top selling brands in the standard fit category include Trojan Pure Ecstacy, Lifestyles SKYN Intense Feel (extra studded), Naked Luxury 52mm Condoms and Beyond Seven Studded Condoms. Learn more here. Test out a variety of brands and styles with the Pleasure Condom Sampler Pack.


Snugger Fit

If you slide the roll over your erect penis and there is room to spare, then you fit into the smaller size category. 35% of men fall into this group and favorite brands include Glyde Slimfit, Naked Luxury 49mm condoms, Lifestyles Snugger Fit and Caution Wear Iron Grip Condoms. Check out all smaller fitting condoms here, or try a sampler pack for snugger fit.


Note: this group wants to be wearing the correct size to avoid loose condoms that could slip off, putting you and your partner at risk.


Larger Fit

Finally, if the toilet paper roll doesn’t fit, or is too tight, then you fit into the larger condom group. These men may find condoms often feel incredibly tight or even painful. This accounts for about 15-20% of the population. Popular brands for this group include Durex XXL, GLYDE Maxi, Naked Luxury 57 mm, L. Large Condoms and Trojan Magnum XL. Shop condoms for larger men here or try a Larger Fit Condom Sampler Pack.


Larger condoms still feel too snug – you may need to try a female condom, such as the FC2 Female Condom, which has a width of 2.99” (76mm) and a length of 7.28” (185mm), and made of nitrile – making it a good option for people suffering from latex allergies.