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How to give the perfect BJ!
Apr 13, 2015

Here are some tips to give the perfect BJ. Remember the BJ is for him don't let him touch you just yet. Here's the road to perfection!


How to give the perfect BJ


Start by kissing him and leading him to a private area.  While you are kissing him run your hands over his package. 


The key here is to start outside the pants.  Slowly unbutton his pants and slip your hand inside his briefs, gently grab his shaft and start stroking and giving him a hand job while you are kissing him.  If you are uncomfortable kissing and stroking then by all means stop kissing.  I find that I get caught up in the kissing or him playing that I stop stroking. Do not stroke for too long we want to give him some head after all. We do not want to just head down and start sucking.  We want it to last after all.


Take it slowly.  Kiss his chest and stomach add a few nips in if you and him are into that sort of thing.  Run your nails on his chest if you feel so inclined. When you have finally reached his penis take it into your mouth. 


Make sure that you have enough lube or saliva.  This will help his penis to fit in your mouth smoothly.  All you have to do now is open wide and slide his penis into your mouth.  Concentrate on the head, glans, of his penis.  Only take in the initial 1.5" of it in your mouth.  Keep your mouth fairly still and swirl your tongue around the edge of the glans.  There is a lot of nerve ending here.  He will love it.  Do not be surprised if he comes shortly after you do this. If you want to do a full blow job do not lick for too long.  And trust me unless your man likes gagging then do not take him in to the point that you are gagging.  That is a major turn off for most men.


Start sucking a little bit.  Sucking is not for the purpose of sucking his cum out but to cause your mouth to close around his penis.  As you move your mouth up and down his shaft your mouth will be touching his penis and will stimulate more of him. Alternate the swirling and the sucking and you have the perfect blow job!   If you are looking for more teasing while giving him head, give him a hand job while you are sucking and taking him in your mouth.  Try rotating your hand around his shaft while doing this. 


Do not grip his penis so much as placing your hand around it.   I know not everyone is thrilled with giving a BJ.  However, 99% of men would love it if we gave them one all the time.  That is what strokersflavored lube and flavored condoms are made for.  Trust me it took a long time for me to like giving head.  Now it is one of my favorite things to do.



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