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How to have a Hot Quickie!
Apr 13, 2015

How to have a Hot Quickie! 


Today we will give you some great  tips to have a hot quickie. We all know that women are not as easy to turn on as a guy.  Ladies if you are looking to have a hot quickie tonight before dinner set the mood.  Think about a scene from one of your romance novels that has turned you on in the past.  If you cross and uncross your legs that will increase the blood flow to your nether regions and help increase it.


Remember that this is a quickie, there is no need for extra fuss and worry over granny panties or what else you may or may not have on. You can send a few texts throughout the day!  Tell your man what you want him to do to you when you can get him alone.  Really get him all hot and bothered and tell him what you want to do to him.  He doesn't even have to know that you are setting the mood for a hot quickie when he gets home.


Bring a toy.  Maybe for one quickie you just give him head or he goes down on you!  Hot Quickies don't even have to be about penetration or even have a Big O right away.  Maybe you set up this one as a treat for what is to come! Remember hot quickies are all about timing.  One of the best ways to ensure that it will definitely be hot is to make sure you pick the right time.  And no it isn't when you are already seriously late for a function.  In the car while sitting the in the parking lot just before you have to go in. 


There are lots of times during the day for you to pick the perfect time.  Take control of his morning wood.  The best position for a hot quickie is any variation of Doggy style.  Leaning over a counter, the stairs or even on the bed if you are already in your room.  If you just can't make it into the doggie then you on top will go over well!  This gives you lots of room for kissing while you are controlling the speed and movement. 


Make your quickie even hotter by kicking yourself up a notch.  If you nibble try biting a little harder, use your nails just a little more.  Maybe slap his tushy a bit.  Turn that normal quickie into a Hot Quickie!  Talk dirty if you normally moan and tell him or her to go faster. Let your man know that you are hot for him any time anywhere!  Grab that quickie whenever and where ever you can get the chance!  Rock his world whenever you can!  Please remember that anything done in public is illegal so be very careful if you are hunting Rabbit!


Signing off for today, Miz SassyPants