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How to Have Sex on a Canoe
Apr 13, 2015

Sex on a Canoe is quite a large step above sex on a waterbed.  Similar to Sex on a Hammock this little endeavour is going to need some determination, balance and willingness to try new things.  Having sex on a canoe is definitely one sexual activity that is meant for those with a little bit of adventure in their blood. Regardless if you choose to take on this challenge here are some tips you might want to use for yourself.


Practice: When you’re learning to surf the instructor gets you to practice jumping on your board from the safety of the beach.  Your canoe is a relatively narrow boat that is going to be surrounded by water and can easily tip if you rock it too much.  You might want to try out some foreplay while your canoe is still on land to get an idea of where to position yourselves and how much room you’ll have when you’re on the water.


All Aboard: Once you get on the water and start paddling you’ll get a pretty good feel for your canoe’s stability.  Don’t overestimate the balance you feel while seated and paddling.  You want to feel the ‘motion of the ocean’ but not by capsizing your boat.  Remember this isn’t a boat race.  Be careful, go slow and speed up as you go.

Positions: Since you’re probably not going to be able to lie across the canoe comfortably the position I’m going to recommend in this situation is the man chair. The Man Chair position allows you to make use of your Canoe’s seats.  Both partners face the same direction while making sure to keep the canoe balanced as you get your bodies in place.  Once aboard just begin rocking. Another bonus is you can also continuing paddling because you’re still in a prime position to row.  Two birds with one stone. 


Oar Safety: You might want put your oars or paddles inside the boat.  Leaving them hanging out the sides might lead to them getting knocked into the water during all that canoodling.  The last thing you want to have to do is swim after wayward oars while your own personal canoe is gliding. Having sex on a Canoe changes up the bedroom in a pretty drastic way but have fun with it.  You might want to also consider a rowboat instead of a canoe if you’re feeling a little unbalanced.  Regardless of your choice of floating device, remember to practice safety.  Employ a life vest for you and your little partner.

Image Source Men’s Health