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How To Have Sex on a Hammock
Apr 13, 2015

Sex on the beach is quite the common activity for travellers.  With all those beach destinations and tropical vacations it’s no wonder that this bit of risky business has a drink named after it.  For everyone who wants to embark upon that same type of adventurous sex on the beach venture, but dislike getting sand everywhere or if you are simply looking for new challenges, a simple but tricky proposal would be Sex on a hammock. This little bit of fooling around requires some finesse.  But it can be done.  I’m not saying that everyone will be able to do this or should but if you are going to attempt it harness your inner gymnast and remember a few things before you set out on this conquest of conquests. Basic technical problems you may encounter.


The Weight Restriction:

Check the weight limit! Just because the thing doesn’t collapse when you’re both on doesn’t mean it won’t collapse in the middle of coitus.  All that moving around adds extra pressure which might cause problems with a different kind of shaft.



Figure out who is going to climb into the netting first.  This isn’t a bed where you can just throw down.  Hammocks swing.  At least the swinging adds an element when you finally manage to get settled in.


Getting it on:

 Figure out what position you are going to try.  I recommend something easy.  No need to get into the Kama Sutra as the hammock will provide enough of a challenge.  Just go with missionary or even spooning.  Once the two of you are on board you’ll figure out a position that works.  Sex is after all one of the great motivators of our species!


Check your mirrors:

 The two of you, or however many people you invited to party in the hammock, are caught in a net.  Unlike sex on the beach you can’t easily pull up your clothing and pretend you were wrestling in the sand.  You’re literally in a net.  Unless you’re into people fulfilling their Voyeurism fantasies you might want to try this somewhere secluded or during a discrete time. Having sex in a hammock doesn’t make you a swinger.  Or does it?  Either way you choose to answer that you won’t know if you can do it unless you try it. 




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