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How to insert a Female Condom
Apr 12, 2016

Women now have a female condom. Although some are a bit leary of this new way to of protection, some are willing to give it a try. When they first came out I was one of the women that said “Oh No, my partner is using a condom and that’s it.


Sharing with you how to insert a female condom is pretty simple even if it may sound a bit complicated at first. First you ask what is female condom? A female condom looks like a pouch which you insert into your vagina. Unlike male condoms, female condoms you wear one on the inside but they both provide the same protection. They keep the guy's sperm inside the condom and out of your vagina.

How to Insert a female condom:


1. FIrst check the expiration date and examine the package to ensure there’s no holes.

2. The open end should be faced down. The Closed end up. Add lubricant and/or spermicide on the outside of the closed end.

3. Squeezing the sides of the closed ends insert it inside of your vagina.

4. Make sure you push the closed in as far as you can go near your cervix.

5. Pulling out your finger holding onto the outer end of the condom leave out at least an inch of the end of the condom.

6. Follow same steps for anal sex but applying to your anus.


I always suggest both partners use condoms. However if you choose not to do so and your partner ejaculates on the outside of your condom, consider emergency contraception.


Removing the female condom:


1. Make sure to squeeze the outer ring and twist it enough to prevent semen from spill out. (This is why I suggest both partners wearing condoms)

2. Careful pulling the condom out.

3. Throw the condom away in a garbage. Do not flush.


Pros and Cons using the Female Condom:


Pros : 

Helps protect you from STIs

The outer ring may stimulate your clit (nice!)

No prescription necessary

Can be used even if you're allergic to latex

Can be used with both oil-based and water-based lube

Stays in place even if your man loses his erection




Can cause irritation

Some people may be sensitive to certain brands of lubricant (If so, try another brand)

Can reduce sensitivity while you're doing it

The first generation female condom (FC1) can be kinda squeaky sounding (but the newer version, FC2, shouldn't be)

Hard to remember to use if you’re drunk

THe best advice I can offer you is both you and your partner use protection. It is the best precaution to take to prevent any unwanted pregnancy and/or STDs.



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