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How to Properly Use a Condom And Lubricants
Nov 17, 2015

Condoms are the most ideal approach to ensure yourself against sexually transmitted contaminations (STIs) and undesirable pregnancy. Condoms are an obstruction produced using latex elastic, synthetic elastic called polyisoprene or a dainty plastic called polyurethane.


Male Condoms:

Male condoms are worn on the penis during sex to forestall semen (sperm) from entering the lady's vagina when the man discharges (comes). The condom ought to be put on when the penis is erect (hard) and before it comes into contact with your accomplice's body.

Please follow the following basic steps for How to wear a male condom accurately:


1. Cautiously open the foil bundling that the condom is wrapped in, taking consideration not to tear the condom.

2. Embrace the tip of the condom between your index finger and thumb to ensure it is put on the right path round, and that no air is caught inside (the condom may part if air is caught inside).

3. Place the condom over the tip of the penis.

4. While clutching the tip of the condom, move it down over the length of the erect penis.

5. On the off chance that the condom won't unroll, it is likely on back to front - begin again with another condom as there may be sperm on.


Ensure that the condom stays set up while you are engaging in sexual relations. On the off chance that it falls off, stop and put on another one. After discharge (when the man has come) keeping in mind the penis is still hard, hold the condom set up and precisely pull back the penis from your accomplice's body. You ought to just take the condom off the penis when there is no further contact with your accomplice's body. Wrap the utilized condom as a part of a tissue and place it in the container. You ought to never flush condoms down the latrine in light of the fact that they may hinder the can and can bring about ecological harm.



Lube improves sex, not just does individual grease diminish erosion, ease distress and reduce the probability of condom breakage, but also in the event that you've ever had the opportunity to explore different avenues regarding the dangerous stuff, you realize that sex is essentially more fun, more exceptional and much more orgasmic with lube! Despite the fact that some body parts create their own particular regular lubricant, much of the time, somewhat additional wetness will take your pleasure and your method to new statures.


Most individual lubricants are either water or silicone based. Water-based lubes come in a few formulations including gels, creams and fluids. Since they're made basically out of water, they wash away effectively and won't leave stains or buildup. Silicone-based equations have a tendency to be a little thicker and a few individuals observe that they last more and offer a silkier surface. Both water and silicone-based lubes can be utilized for an assortment of sexual exercises extending from erotic foreplay to superhot completing moves and research recommends that the individuals who use lube report more elevated amounts of sexual fulfillment.


There is no general method for utilizing lube, yet if all else fails, I propose you blunder in favor of liberality - a couple of additional drops will make your hands, lips, tongue, fingers and other body parts feel hotter, wetter and much all the more inviting with almost no exertion on your part.


In the event that you need to bring lube into your sexual gamut or just flavor things up a bit, attempt one of these innovative tips intended to improve joy and increase closeness:


1. Add a bit into the palm of your hand and crush your fingers into a clench hand permitting the stuff to trickle onto your accomplice's problem areas. You might need to heighten the sensations by blindfolding them first and breathing some warm air over the surface of their touchy, lubed-up skin.

2. Place a couple of small drops on the tip of your finger and follow it around your beau's sweet spots with quill light touch.

3. Apply a flimsy layer of lube to your lips before oral play and get inventive!

4. Put a drop or two of lube inside the tip of the condom to expand affectability amid intercourse or oral sex.

5. Utilize an open, level palm to slide your palm against your accomplice's vulva - container your hands around her and permit her to crush against your warm, wet hand.

6. Get contorted for him. Slather your hands in lube and wrap both hands around his pole with your fingers joined. Stroke upwards and turn your hands to one side (or left) as you approach his head so that the turn turns out to be a piece of the liquid stroking movement.

7. Get wound for her. Spread your record and center fingers in lube and traverse each other. Slide them into her as you turn your hand to make a novel, dangerous sensation.

8. Pre-apply lube before you get the chance to bed to astound your significant other.

9. Utilize a delicate swarmed paintbrush or cosmetics brush to exotically apply your most loved lube to your significant other's body.

10. Utilize a drop or two of warming lube on your significant other's areolas to spread the orgasmic sensations all through the body.

Always remember, communicating about consent with your accomplice ought to happen before any sexual action happens, BUT assent ought to likewise happen at each progression along the way.


Assent for one sort of sexual movement doesn't mean agree to all sexual action. Assent given at one point in time does not mean assent is given for all future sexual movement.


Regardless of the possibility that your sexual life is now smoking hot, presenting a special lubricant is certain to elevate the sensations as you find new moves, strategies and positions made conceivable by the sheer presence of lube. For that additional control and to edge spillage, crush lube onto your fingertips to start with, and then apply. With a little practice, you'll have the capacity to evaluate pretty closely the amount of lube you require. Recall that, you can simply reapply! And above everything enjoy it to the fullest!


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