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How to Put On a Condom
Sep 22, 2015

When things start to become up close and personal in your bedroom, it’s very important to remember that “safe sex is ALWAYS the best sex”. Are you aware of the fact that condoms are 98% effective? When used correctly, they are the best defence against sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. They are also the best form of birth control when it comes to its original role in avoiding the baby making. Throughout our entire lives, we have been told over and over again to “wrap it before you tap it”, but this really means zero if you don’t even know how to use an actual condom. Now before you are given a better understanding on how to suit yourself up, you should decide what type of condom is going to work best for your lifestyle.


Condoms come in all shapes, colors, flavors and sizes. We are given an amazing variety to choose from… how fun! First thing you and your partner should decide is who will be wearing the condom. Today we have the option of rubbers for guys and girls. If you and your partner have “cum” shy of experimenting with female condoms, it is definitely worth the orgasm! Both contraceptive devices are good for preventing pregnancy, and both guarantee protection against sexual diseases. Women condoms are made of nitrile which works just as effectively as a latex. Anyone allergic to latex? Don’t stress because they also make safe alternatives for you guys too! Polyurethane, polyisoprene, nitrile, and lambskin are all safe alternatives to latex and are all just as effective when avoiding contraception. It can be ridiculously easy to have a safe and pleasurable sex life with just a little precaution!


How to apply a male condom


1. Check the expiration date.  Before opening, check the date on the condom. If it has expired or if there is no expiration at all, do NOT use it.

2. Open the condom wrapper carefully. Carefully tear open the condom with your fingers along the zigzag edges. Make sure you do not cut or bite-open the condom. If it’s your last one, and you break it, the party is over for you my friend.

3. Figure out which way the condom is rolled. Instead of trying to look and figure out which way the condom is rolled, just feel with your fingers. With one finger in the middle of the condom try rolling it downward. If it feels difficult or will not roll in the direction you are going, chances are you’re holding it wrong. Gently roll a small portion of the condom in the other direction. If this feels easier and begins to unroll, then you’re going the right way and this is the way you want to roll the condom over the penis.

4. Make sure the tip is up! Make sure that the pointy tip of the condom is pointing in the right direction. This is called the reservoir and should already be on the outer tip, but it is always good to double check just in case. The rest of the condom should always roll away from it.

5. Get the lube out! If the penis is uncircumcised, consider putting a small drop of lube into the tip of the condom making it easier to apply to foreskin. After applying the condom, a little lubricant to the outside of the condom can increase sensitivity! But it’s also important to not apply more than two or three drops because friction is also necessary for stimulation. Never apply an oil based lube to a latex condom. Water-based lube will work perfectly fine without the worry of breakage.

6. Make sure the penis is fully hard. The condom should always fit snug onto his shaft. If you apply a condom to a penis that is not fully erect, then it could fall off during sexy time.

7. Roll the condom downward. Circumcised penis: While pinching the tip of the condom with one hand, slowly roll the condom down the entire shaft of the penis, smoothing out any air bubbles that might appear. Uncircumcised penis: While pinching the tip with one hand, roll the condom slightly over the tip to get it started, and then gently pull back the foreskin. Slide your first hand down the rest of the penis taking the condom down the whole shaft while your other hand hold down the foreskin. Once the condom is unravelled, push the excess foreskin forward inside of the condom. Smooth out any air bubble; Game time. Make sure to pinch the reservoir at the tip of the condom shut before rolling the condom down. This can reduce the risk of creating an air pocket and providing the semen with a place to go during ejaculation. The condom should roll on easy at this point. If you realize you’re doing it backwards, then go ahead and throw out the condom. An erect shaft produces pre- ejaculation that could have gotten onto the outside of the condom you were just rolling down; it’s always safer just to open a new one and start over.

8. Check the condom periodically during use for breakage. If a condom breaks or becomes loose during intercourse, immediately replace it and possibly consider using an emergency contraception.

9. Replace condom if you change between different types of sex. If you switch from vaginal to anal sex, it’s good to replace the condom to reduce the risk of an infection.

10. After ejaculation, remove the condom quickly. Grab the bottom of the condom with your hand and withdraw. Make sure to hold the condom tight against the shaft when pulling it out to avoid it from falling off or spilling.

11. Throw away the condom properly. Wrap the rubber in a piece of toilet paper and throw into the garbage. Be sure not to flush it down the toilet and clog your drain.

A tip for the ladies: If your sex ritual involves your man suiting up solo, you both are sadly missing out! Guys are extremely visual and always fun to play around with. Let your man watch you as you tease and kiss all over his pole, then slowly apply the condom to his penis using your mouth in a super sexy manner. His reaction will be priceless.


How to apply a female condom

1. Remove the condom from its packaging. After carefully opening the packaging, make sure you check the condom for any holes or leakage.

2. Add some lube to the outer part of the condom. Although the condom already comes lubricated, a little extra lube will helped make inserting it easier.

3. Squeeze the sides of the condom ring together, twist then insert. Make sure you are in a comfortable position where you can spread your legs. Leave one finger inside of the condom twisting it three times, remove finger then insert until you can feel the cervix.  Once it reaches the cervix, the condom will open up naturally inside. Only the outer ring of the condom should be hanging out of the vagina. This whole experience should be very similar to inserting a tampon, and leave you feeling almost nothing inside. If you can feel the condom you probably inserted it wrong.

4. Insert your partner’s penis into the condom and you guys go at it!

5. After sex, twist the ring of the condom tightly then pull out. Once the condom is removed check for any holes or leakage. Wrap the condom in tissue paper and dispose of properly.

So whether or not you’re new to the whole sex thing, or you’ve been in the game for a while, with a little practice these things can be put on in seconds. You have the right to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases and all those screaming babies. So suit yourself up, and let’s have some fun!


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