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How to take great naked pictures!
Apr 13, 2015

How to take great naked pictures!

Let's face it; we've all taken naked photos of ourselves. Some turn out great, some not so hot. Here are some great tips and tricks to think about before taking, and sending, naked pics! 


First and foremost, don't include your face, tattoos, or any type of identifiable marks! If you do, then there is no plausible deniability if it somehow leaks out! Plus, worrying about a facial expression is super stressful! Should I smile? Look sexy? What? There is just a lot of pressure that comes with adding a face shot, and can take all of the fun right out of it! 


Groom, groom, groom! Always make sure that you have a grooming session before taking any pics! Regardless of how you like to keep your hair, everyone is different, some go all natural, some like to keep it somewhat natural, landing strip, whatever your preference, just make sure that it is groomed. Plus, if you are going to be showing your hands in pics, running through hair, covering your nipples, etc. make sure that your nails are all trimmed up and looking good, girls, painted nails are always good. Today’s cameras are a bit too powerful sometimes. They really do pick up everything! Do your grooming the day before, so that any waxing or red blotchy spots from grooming will be gone by then. Don't be afraid to use a bit of makeup, this is true for you guys taking nude photos too, to help cover up any unwanted marks. The key is confidence. If you don't have confidence because of a mark, then you will hold back, and it will show. 


Don't eat right before you shoot your pics! It will completely change the way you feel and see yourself if you don't have a meal sitting in your stomach! You'll feel like you look great. It doesn't matter if you weigh 95 pounds or 295 pounds, if you go without eating for a while before hand, when you look in the mirror, you'll think you look better, and that is most important! 


Be careful with close ups and if you can, don't take the photo yourself! No one is going to be turned on by one, huge picture of your nipple. Holding your phone will only give you an arms-length distance, it’s so uncool and not sexy at all, to see your arm holding your phone, so download a self-timing app and put your camera on a tri pod or prop it on a bookshelf. If you have a friend that you can trust, and then have them help you out. They will be able to capture you from several angles and from multiple distances. Plus you won't have an extended arm any of the photos. 


Think about the background of your picture! Make sure that the area behind you is clean and free of 'unsexy' objects. The last thing anyone wants to see in a photo is the toilet behind you, or a super dirty room. Talk about super fast turn off! Less is better! If you want specific props, such as an adult toy, candles, or maybe an adult game, then just have that specific item staged for the photo and nothing else. You don't want too much out though as you really want to keep the focus on you and not what is in the background! To be continued tomorrow.