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How To Take The Embarrassment Out Of Buying Condoms
Jan 28, 2016

Let's all face it, purchasing condoms can be rather embarrassing. Whether you are a grown adult or teenager. Being young means everything inherently is embarrassing. Purchasing condoms from a sweet elderly lady can really kill the mood. Or perhaps you are an adult male or woman and the check out person is a young boy or girl. It's strange, but necessary to purchase condoms.


That's where Condomania.com comes in. You have the discreet privacy of your own home to purchase condoms and other adult products without feeling the embarrassment of it all. Condomania.com has several options ranging from non-latex to ribbed/studded. Here is an example of some of their variety.


Trojan Naturalamb:


Trojan Naturalamb condoms are latex free condoms made by Trojan. They are ideal for couples who want heightened sensitivity. These condoms have that skin to skin feel you don’t normal find in other brands. This contains no latex so it may be used for people who are latex sensitive. Also it has water based lubricant for comfort and sensitivity. Reviews are positive about this condom. People love the way it feels and acts like it’s not even there. They state this is a high quality product and use it again and again. One reviewer even stated it felt so natural he had to check it was still there and to his surprise it was!

It is as close as you get to wearing nothing at all. But there are a few cons to this product. Some people didn’t like the way the condom looked because it is made of sheep membrane. Also with it, comes a smell that some people just can’t tolerate. A reviewer stated it reeked and smelled up the entire house and stayed on their finger for a while. Also a woman reviewed and she said it felt like wrinkled skin. The sizes of the condoms are: Head Width 2.8" Shaft Width 2.8" Base Width 2.8" Length 7.87" Thickness 0.003" A similar product would be: Durex Real Feel Polyisoprene Non Latex Lubricated Condoms.


Lifestyles Flavored:


LifeStyles is a brand originated in United States and is one of the key players in the very sophisticated and competitive US market, being no.1 in providing product to college health centers, Planned Parenthood affiliates and health care agencies throughout US. While the brand has evolved and changed over time to stay relevant, LifeStyles has always stood for safety and reliability. It is this consistency, which has helped it to have outstanding performance in many countries across the globe. Lifestyles condoms are available in 6 different product lines: SKYN, 3SUM, THRYLL, WYLD, THYN, KYNG. The lifestyles flavored condoms are made of latex with an easy fit with plenty of space on the tip, with non-spermicidal lubrication.

They are available in 6 flavors – banana, strawberry, mint, chocolate, vanilla and blueberry. The colors also match the tantalizing flavors. It can be bought in packs of 3 or 12 for approximately $4.60+. The length is 54 mm. Customer reviews have been mixed with reviews mentioning that he taste does not last very long and also the box lists variety, however some orders provided only 2 flavors included in the box. The product also has a latex type taste and can give a odd sensation in the throat. Alternative products are: ONE Flavor Waves Durex Tropical Flavors GLYDE Premium Organic flavored sampler Durex Rainbow flavors.


Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed:


Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed Condoms are among the finest condoms available today. Made by Europe's leading condom producer, Durex Extra Sensitive is the thinnest, most sensual condom in the Durex line. They are perfect for people who do not have any special size concerns and are looking for heightened sensitivity. Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed Condoms were recently named the "most natural feeling condom" by Men's Health Magazine! The length (7.75”) and width (1.94”) of the Durex Extra Sensitive make it an average sized condom. However, the thickness of .05mm makes this Durex one of the thinnest condoms available today. Not only are Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed Condoms so thin that you'll feel like you're not even wearing a condom, they also don't have the odor of strong latex. This premium quality condom is made in an easy-on shape, which is anatomically contoured for your comfort and added enjoyment and are extremely easy to roll on.

Users of the Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms consistently leave glowing reviews of how amazing these condoms feel and how easy they are to put on. Try the Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed Condoms out now and feel the world of difference! Product Details: Ultra thin and ribbed condoms are perfect for added sensations. Textured ribs increase stimulation. Premium lubricated condoms. Specially made to have pleasant scent. Made from natural rubber latex. Can be used for contraception and STD protection. Standard size that fits most men. Please note: Do not use oil-based lubricants, such as petroleum jelly, vegetable or mineral oil or cold cream, as these may damage the latex condom. This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. When used correctly every time you have sex, latex condoms help prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of transmitting HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.


As you can tell from the previous information, there is a large variety that Condomania.com offers. This eases the discomfort of purchasing adult products in retail stores.


Condomania is Americas First Condom Store and has been selling condoms since 1991, We have sold tens of millions of condoms from the largest and smallest brands. Condomania is the premier source for condom reviews, wholesale condoms for your organization as well as custom wrapped and custom printed condoms (yes on the latex condom itself). Our expert staff are here to help with any questions.

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