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How to Use Personal Lubricant
Nov 21, 2015

Have you tried lube before and were disappointed with your experience? Whether you’re a first-time user or someone who’s looking to spice up your sexy time with the perfect personal lubricant, you’ve come to the right place - consider this guide your crash course to the wonderful world of lube.


Lubricant is any substance that helps reduce friction. Lubricants are often used for things like bicycle chains and machines to help cut down on the friction caused by moving parts. Personal lubricants contain different ingredients, but the idea is the same, they’re used to reduce the friction on your own moving “parts” to make sex and masturbation easier and more enjoyable. Why are there so many different kinds of lubes out there then? Well, different lubes offer different benefits.

When it comes to applying your lube, don’t over think it. It’s actually quite simple. Start by applying a pea-sized portion of lube to yourself, your partner or your toy of choice.


For extra control and to limit spillage, squeeze lube onto your fingertips first, then apply. With a little practice, you’ll be able to estimate pretty closely how much lube you need. Remember, you can always reapply.


Storing Your Lube:

Most lubricants have extremely stable chemical structures, so when storing them, you don’t need to treat them with the same care you’d give to, say, insulin medication. While there’s no need to stash your lube in the fridge, it’s definitely a good idea to keep it away from direct heat and out of the easy reach of children and pets.


While most lubes feature non-toxic formulas, they can all cause digestive issues if consumed in large quantities. Plus cleaning massive quantities of lube from your carpet, sheets and drapes is a task most of us would like to avoid.


Most personal lubricant users will admit that they had to try out a few different formulas before they found the perfect one for them, so don’t be shy - request some free Astroglide samples and start exploring your options. You might even find that you or your partner enjoy more than one formula for different reasons. That’s totally okay - there’s no rule that says you can only own one bottle of lube.


Here are some of our great products that you may find yourself interested in.


Astroglide Gel Lubricant:

Astroglide values the benefits of a fun and healthy sex life as part of a happier lifestyle. Astroglide will enhance the pleasure for you and the ones you love to love. Our special formula not only lubricates, but also acts as a vaginal moisturizer. Water-based, water soluble and condom compatible. Astroglide gel lubricant comes in a thicker formula for even more long lasting action. Great for massages too!


Astroglide Natural Personal Lubricant:

True to its organic promise, Astroglide Natural Personal Lubricant is naturally free from glycerin, alcohol, fragrances, flavorings and hormones. Astroglide Natural is water-based, water-soluble, soft & smooth, long lasting and latex safe to enhance all sexual activity. An instant favorite here at Condomania!


KY Yours and Mine Couples Lubricant:

For more play during foreplay, she should apply yours (blue) to him, and he should apply mine (purple) to her. With the invigorating sensation of his, and the arousing sensation of hers, put the two together and everything's even better! K-Y Yours and Mine is the sexiest chemistry experiment ever! Note: contains glycerin, other sugars, and warming agents. Includes two 1.5 fl oz bottles.


Pink Silicone Lubricant:

Pink Silicone Lubricant is super long lasting and non sticky! Plus it is specially formulated with women in mind to be non-irritating and to not contribute to yeast infections. Feel beautiful in your anticipation of the moment. Pink Silicone blend is your perfect gateway for pleasures to come. Pink Silicone Intimate Lubricant is our most lubricating and long-lasting formula, so your time together can be both enthusiastic and comfortable. Made with our proprietary, superior three-molecule silicone blend, Pink provides you with extended, plentiful lubrication to enhance foreplay and protect you from irritation for sustained and pleasurable intercourse. Contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for restorative and healing properties."


Wet Original 10.6 oz:

Wet Original is a water-based gel lubricant by Wet International. If you’re looking for a little something to whet your appetite while you get down and dirty, Wet Original is the perfect slick pick! This long-lasting lube is thick, smooth, and - because it is water-based - compatible with both sex toys and condoms. A few drops go a long way and with Wet Original’s gel consistency, those drops are far less likely to drip all over the place (but don’t worry if they do - this product wont stain the sheets). Being a gel, this lube also offers an extra amount of “cushion,” which is super helpful when activities are getting vigorous, or if you are playing with something larger. Though it does last a long time, Wet Original sometimes can get a bit tacky after a while and may need a few additional drops to reconstitute the original slickness. Folks with sensitive skin may want to test this lube out before going full throttle - Wet Original contains glycerin and parabens that can irritate sensitive bits. If you are looking for something similar, take a look at JO H20.


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