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ID Glide Personal Lubricant Review
Apr 14, 2015

ID Glide Personal Lubricant – does it REALLY glide?  Does it DEFINITELY lubricate?  I answer those tough questions in this review.

 In short: YES!

 I’ve used ID Glide a few times and continue to be very happy with the results.  For the record, it was solo use, and I haven’t yet gotten to use it with a partner.

If you read my review for Chocoholics Body Frosting, you’ll know I hate being sticky.  Water-based lubes like ID Glide are a safer bet for someone like me who fears a big mess.

Often, the trade-off with water-based is that it doesn’t last as long or keep things as slippery.  I thought the ID did a great job. In fact, it did SUCH a good job that I slipped on some in my room the next day.  Yes, 24 hours later it was still a safety issue on my floor.

Rusty says; “Great stuff.  Make sure you don’t get it on your floor and then forget to wipe it up.  But this is basically a good rule for anything, ever.” 





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