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ID Juicy Lube - 7 ways to Sweeten Up Your Sex Life
Oct 29, 2015

Flavored lubricants are a fantastic addition to any sexual situation. Each intimate moment can be enhanced by a great lubricant, and when it tastes great things will only get better. Where exactly did the idea for flavored sexual lubrication come from? It’s hard to track down the exact origin; but we all know that for many different reasons, flavored lubricant can be amazing. Maybe oral sex needs some more excitement and a flavored lubricant is the obvious answer. Maybe you just want an added benefit to your sexual interactions. Sometimes a flavored lubricant can make a boring or even shy sexual situation a little more intimate. Partners want to be intimate with each other but also want to enjoy the experience as well. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t really matter, because flavored lubricants can be found almost anywhere for any reason. For most sexual situations, lubrication is needed to enhance the experience for both partners. With a great tasting lubricant, you will get your needs met for lubrication and extra spice. But, for many of us, finding a good flavored lubricant is a tough job, but with ID Juicy Lube the search so much easier.

All lubricants have a taste, whether they are designed to or not. Regular lubricants may taste like chemicals; they are not meant to be tasted. But now there are flavored lubricants. These lubricants are great because the taste is there specifically to please the user. ID Juicy Lube, right now, is the world’s best-selling flavored lubricant. Not only is it loved by users, it’s also water-based; which means it is safe to use with latex. These lubricants are long lasting, and contain no sugars or dyes. ID Juicy Lube has an amazing variety of flavor choices, so it can add some extra enjoyment to your sex life. ID Juicy lubricants can be used to add some sweet flavors to your oral sex, or add delightful tastes to anal sex, or to ensure you get the most delicious tastes and smells with vaginal intercourse. Both you and your partner will love ID Juicy lubricant. Not only will ID Juicy lubricants add some great tasting moments to your intimacy, the smells are strong and pleasant, they add another way to involve more senses in your sexual intercourse, which can enhance the overall experience. Now you don’t have to try adding other methods of good tastes to your sexual experience, adding something minty or sweet can cause a mess or make the situation more awkward. ID Juicy lubricants will give you exactly the taste you want without any mess or trouble.


ID Juicy Lube are tasty lubricants designed to give you a delightful experience in the bedroom, and to be used in any way you think it can do this the best. Not only are the variety of flavors abundant, but it should also be stated that this lube provides excellent lubrication during intimate uses. Since this flavored lubricant is also water based it is easy to clean up and won’t cause staining on fabrics. You will be confident that with this flavored water based lubricating gel, you are getting all of your lubrication needs met, while adding some fun into your sexual sessions as well.


ID Juicy Lube was created to satisfy both of your sexual needs and sweet tooth at the same time. This flavored lubricant is one of the best lubricants available; and can be used for playing with your partner, by yourself, or with one of your toys. This personal flavored lubricant is made to let you experience the many flavors of your desire. It is safe to use and ingest, it smells as good as it tastes and since it is water based you won’t need to worry about clean up afterwards. Sometimes a little sweet taste added to any of your sexual experiences is all you really need to enhance the moment.


ID Juicy lubricant is available in 7 delectable flavors including: Strawberry Kiwi, Passion Fruit, and Pina Colada, you won’t be able to resist trying one of these flavors out. And trying a flavor out first is actually recommended. You may like the sound of the flavor but don’t want to be disappointed when you use it; so try it out first to find a great flavor that will only add to your entire sexual experience and not distract you. Each flavor is designed for the best lubrication possible with a twist of sweetness. ID Juicy Lubricant is one of the best rated flavored lubricants on the market. With its users incredibly satisfied with each flavor and smell. And a lot of word of mouth referrals for this product, it’s a win-win for any partner involved. The flavor varieties are sure to appeal to even the pickiest of tasters, and keep them wanting more. These amazing and sugar free, flavored lubricants can keep both partners engaged and excited.


Here are the ID Juicy Lubricant Flavors:


1. Strawberry Kiwi

2. Passion Fruit

3. Pina Colada

4. Wild Cherry

5. Luscious Watermelon

6. Cool Mint

7. Bubblegum Blast


Are you ready to try adding some flavored lubricants into your bedroom? Check out Condom Mania for a great selection of flavored lubricants. By adding one of these fantastic tasting sexual lubricants to your most intimate of times; you will know that you and your partner will be pleased. These flavors are all highly rated and loved by their users. When you find a flavor you love to taste and smell it can only add to your overall satisfaction levels when you use it. You know that when you want to buy something more than once and keep using it, like you will with the ID Juicy Lube, you know you have found something amazing. You can trust that these are made with you in mind and that you are getting the best possible product to meet your needs and desires. Everyone is looking for a way to add and enhance each erotic experience, and with the fantastic ID Juicy Lube you are sure to be pleasantly surprised and satisfied.



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