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Introducing Sex Toys Into Your Relationship
Jul 11, 2016

Experimenting with sex toys is a great way to add a new level of spice to your relationship. However, you may be wondering how your partner will react – will they feel threatened? Will they worry that you aren’t feeling completely satisfied?


Read on for a few tips on how to broach the subject of adding sex toys into your relationship with a sexy and non-threatening approach.



Communication is key


Before you break out your vibrator from your nightstand, start by expressing some of your fantasies and desires with your partner. While it may be most comfortable to broach this topic during pillow talk, ensure you tackle the subject in a calm, safe manner. 


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Avoid broaching the subject immediately before or after sex when emotions are highly charged. If you’re nervous about broaching the topic, start off by referencing a blog post or article you read on the subject that spiked your curiosity, and explain how you think it would be really hot to experiment with toys together.


Be Positive


If you are concerned about your partner feeling threatened by your desire to bring toys into the relationship, focus on the aspects of your sex life that you love, and how a toy might enhance this for you both. For example, you can say, “I really loved it when you touched me in the spot last night. It was so sensitive; I would love to feel you touch me like that again with vibrations added.”


Shop Together


Whether you shop online or venture out to a sex store, it’s important to approach experience the excitement of introducing a toy into the relationship together.  Explore the options with your partner, and include them every step of the way so that you both love the purchase you end up with. Check out our Couples Shop or equally titillating, our Luxury Toys section.


Adult Toys


In the beginning, size matters


When first introducing a toy into the bedroom, biggest isn’t necessarily best. If either one of you are feeling slightly intimidated, it’s a good idea to start small. For example, try a clitoral vibrator or a small vaginal vibrator. A great option is the Power Bullet, which can be used externally or internally for a powerful pulse of excitement all over – from your nipples and clitoris, to his scrotum.


Experiment with Massage Together


A spicy way to introduce a vibrator into your relationship, and the ultimate foreplay, is experimenting with it to enjoy couples massage. Make sure you create a comfortable environment to go slow and give each partner time to explore what the other likes, soaking in all the sensations. 


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Enjoy the experience together in a comfortable environment will lay the positive groundwork for regularly bringing toys into the relationship.  For a fabulous massage wand that you will be love, try Xgen’s Midnight Body Wand.


Consider Toys that Benefit you both


A vibrator designed specifically for couples, like the We Vibe 4 plus, could be exactly your speed. She wears the We Vibe during sex, and he fits in underneath. The We Vibe stimulates the g-spot and clitoris, while both partners share the vibration.


As your partner thrusts, the extra pressure and friction will stimulate the g-spot even more.  The best part about this toy, is that it has an app, so even while traveling, couples can play together!



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