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Become Her Sex Expert
Apr 10, 2015

Not many people realize that it’s possible to make a woman go wild during sex and that making a girl squirt actually means that she will receive one of the most mind-blowing orgasms she will have ever had, but it is indeed achievable. Once you know how it gets a lot easier, and we’re about to do that right now!


Become Her Sex Expert


There are a couple of things to remember when you are trying to get your girl to squirt. Firstly, squirting is the accompaniment to an orgasm, so this means you are going to have to get your girl all hot and bothered! Secondly, it is the stimulation of the infamous G-spot, among other things, that is going to have your girl writhing and squirting at the same time. So let’s take a look at the techniques and toys that you can use in your arsenal!


It’s important to mention that in order for your girl to squirt, she is going to have to be extremely turned on, always good fun, and she is also going to have to feel safe and secure as she will be extremely vulnerable. The potential for her to get embarrassed is high here, so you need to reassure that it is ok and you won’t judge her when she squirts uncontrollably, check out School of Squirt for more tips on this one! Tip: make sure you are somewhere that the spillage of liquid is a non-issue. Also usually a warm and ambient environment helps the process as it is relaxing; the last thing we want is for her to feel stressed and uncomfortable.


Foreplay Moves


To get your woman turned on the best techniques to employ are teasing and touching, whilst all the while slowly escalating. Start kissing, nibbling and sucking with your mouth on the outer regions of her body such as her lips, neck and arms, whilst also massaging her body with your hands. Use pauses and teasing to build anticipation, especially as you escalate and make your way to more erogenous zones like her inner legs, tummy and chest. The build-up drives women crazy and they begin to get uncontrollably horny!


So far this should all be routine for you as a regular sex god, so we won’t go in to too much more detail on the foreplay. Just realise that the odds of getting her squirt are much greater the hotter she is before actual penetration.


Once you are ready for penetration, use of certain lubes can also be extremely helpful to help her on her way too, as they can make penetration more enjoyable and also get her even hotter


Now basically the aim during sex is to stimulate her G-spot. Essentially it is an extremely erogenous zone about 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the front wall. It has a distinctive rough texture, and will swell as she becomes more turned on making it easier to find and stimulate if you get her really hot before having sex!


Picking a position


Something to remember when you pick your position is that the clitoris must be able to be stimulated during sex. This can be achieved either by you manually, or via a toy. A couple of our favourites are cock ring and vibrating bullets. They will serve to get your woman even more turned on, and the bullet will also continue the stimulation when you pull out (more on that later!).


Become Her Sex Expert


Now, there are a few positions that really excel when you are trying to get your woman to squirt so we’ll give you a brief breakdown.


What they all share in common is that the G-spot is stimulated by your penis since is pressing down on the front wall of her vagina, and it is also possible to rub her clit with your hand or use a vibrator.


Pulling out


Where a lot of guys go wrong is that they manage to get their girl up to temperature and ready to squirt, but then they don’t withdraw from the vagina, effectively stopping the ejaculation. This can be hard to get right, but once you can read her signs better, it becomes easier to know when to pull out.


As you continue a steady rhythm during the sex you will notice her get closer to climax. As it approaches, ensure that you are still stimulating her clit with either your hand or the vibrator. Just before she reaches orgasm, remove your penis and continue rubbing her clit. This will send her over the edge and this will be when she squirts. This could be quite spectacular and the orgasm will probably last longer than usual. Remember to make sure she feels comfortable and do not make her feel embarrassed!


So, that's it for now. Now go and make it happen with your partner.




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