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K-Y: His and Hers. The Ultimate Bonding Experience
Oct 19, 2015

Here is a combo offer for all those couples who want to better their sexual enjoyment. Yes, one does not need to have a problem alone to use lubricants. People can also opt for the sexual enhancers if they want to experience better sex. K-Y His and Hers is one such lubricant cream for both men and women which will help in enhancing the lubrication and make the entire act of the intercourse a very pleasurable one. This Couples Lubricant brings about a highly invigorating sensation for the man and a thrilling and enticing sensation for the woman and of course an overall satisfaction for both the people.

K-Y His and Hers is a heating/cooling lube combo. Make sure this is something you and your partner enjoy before use of this product. The “His” lubricant is the heating lube. The “Hers” lubricant is minty, cool, and soft. It feels slippery. The bottles are each 1.5 fl oz (44mL). and they come packaged together, like two test tubes, with squeeze tops. “Hers” is purple and “His” is blue. K-Y His and Hers is a smooth, quality lubricant. It has an invigorating warming sensation for him and a thrilling tingling sensation for her. It is compatible with latex condoms only. This product is also something that can help extend the time you and your partner spend in bed. For more information on this subject please read our article on lasting longer in bed.


Whether you're looking for a premium quality lubricant or an exciting new way to enhance your intimacy, K-Y His and Hers has something for every twosome. To make the most of every touch, use double-duty K-Y His and Hers Couples Lubricants to make love more exciting, more satisfying, more everything. Two bottles are included.


The blue test tube is for guys. Once applied, the guy will notice a slight warming sensation, very similar if not the same, to that of K-Y "Touch Massage" warming liquid. Not a bad sensation at all, especially if you have your partner applying it to you. The purple test tube is for the ladies. Once applied, the woman will notice a slight cooling/tingling sensation, very similar if not the same, to that of K-Y "Touch Massage" tingling liquid. When mixed, these two products combine and each partner can feel each other's sensation. In my case, I felt her cooling sensation. Easily washes off with water. Keep in mind that both vials are interchangeable and experimentation is encouraged.


"His" lubricant is warm and actually becomes a hint gritty and dry when used, perhaps with the intention of making matters feel 'tighter'. "Hers" on the other hand, is cold and wet feeling, and actually leaves things feeling cool with a bite. You can compare its effect to a strong mint that you pop in your mouth, such as an Altoid, that is good, but has a hardcore edge to it that takes some getting used to. For an extra thrill, try exchanging them out to see if you like one or the other better. This whole process is about enjoying your time with each other and making a memorable moment, so go for it! You can also try using this product with toys for more fun and excitement. See our article about the Durex Play Vibrations Connect.


When opening the bottles, the aroma is tantalizing and not overpowering. A little goes a long way, and as you would expect, half the fun is having your partner apply it where it counts, and then returning the favor yourself. The product's gimmick is a good one, and when the two lubes mingle, they become very slippery and each partner gets to experience the sensations that the other was feeling as well as their own. Overall, it lent itself to a fun and intimate experience when used as a foreplay aid. The nature of the liquid makes it a good massage lubricant as well, and the formula washes off easily with water.


K-Y His and Hers has proven to be a great promoter of the sexual well being of the couples and hence you could say that it has definitely emerged victorious and that is the reason why such kind of a demand exists for this lubricant. Coming in with a tag line, "His excites. Her delights. Together feel them ignite", K-Y His and Hers couples lubricants has proven to enhance the way climax is experienced, an entry made and foreplay enjoyed to the core.


Moisture is a key thing that needs to be present during intimacy as it facilitates the male hardness to enter into the woman without much restriction. But what happens if there is no adequate moisture and there is no adequate lubrication? There is a lot of pain because of the dryness and the entire intercourse will turn out to be a painful affair. Therefore the K-Y His and Hers lubricant for any couple helps them to have smooth and painless sex.


It provides with all the moisture that is needed to make the entry smooth and the entire intercourse a pleasurable one. And with this there is heightened sensation and satisfaction too for the partners involved. The cream has to be applied on the intimate areas and then one can experience the magic happen.


Findings have shown that around 60% of the people who have used the product recommend for a second round of purchase too. for women who have not been able to experience sex drive or experience enjoyable sex due to many other factors, they found that K-Y His and Hers has brought back their youthful days.


Women undergo a lot of biological changes that may affect a lot of secretions in their body. And with advancement in age too there are a few bodily changes which they cannot avert. And vaginal dryness is one such condition. With the use of K-Y His and Hers, women will now be able to ward off that risk too which has been an impediment in their path to enjoying pleasurable sex.


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