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KY Yours and Mines Couples Lubricant
Nov 4, 2015

Are you experiencing friction and irritation during your intimacy? Are you tired of the unsatisfying, uncomfortable sex ? Than we recommend a lubricant like KY Yours and mines. In this article, we explore why lubricants are needed and why KY Yours and Mines can provide a satisfying intimate experience.


Why do women need a lubricant?

During intimacy some women’s vaginas may not produce enough wetness, leading to a painful sexual experience. Other factors that may cause dry intimacy may include breastfeeding, chemotherapy, and menopause.

What’s a Lubricant?

A Lubricant is something that will help with discomforted and painful sexual experience by making the vagina area wet. Before you select a lubricant it’s important you understand the different types.


Oil Based Lubricants:

These are lubricants made from mineral oil baby oil or petroleum jelly. These lubricants should not be used with condom because the chances of the condom breaking are high. The risk of STDS and pregnancy’s increases with the use of oil based lubricant and are also known to cause irritation for some women.


Water Based Lubricants:

These are easy to apply and are cheaper than other lubricants but do not last as long.


Silicone based lubricants:

These last the longest, but may cause some irritation.


KY Yours and Mines lubricant provides the best benefits of water, oil based and silicone lubricants. Not only does Ky Yours and Mines provide maximum pleasure and a warming sensation for both men and women. It allows you to use it with condoms (latex) to provide you with a safe sexual experience. The feel of KY Yours and mines is smooth like oil and it smells like heaven. And best of all it’s not crazy expensive. You can purchase KY Yours and Mines for the most intimate experience of pleasure for under $20.00. It’s for much less than a night of takeout meals.


How Does KY Yours and Mines work?

You apply the blue to the man and the purple to the woman. You can begin with 1-2 drops and then the pleasurable experience will heighten during intimacy. If you aren’t satisfied you can simply add more drops as desired. There is plenty of product in the bottles so we are making sure you get more than enough for your money.



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