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Latex Free Condoms
Jan 20, 2016

At the time when we were offered sex education, I am not sure if I was quite ready for the course. I wasn't quite sure what to expect and/or whether to take anything I learned serious. My biology teacher proceeded to show a film and we would have a discussion afterwards. I felt lost and silly, but intrigue all at the same time. Discussing condoms for me, wasn't really a concern because I thought I would never have to use them. I was determined I would have my first experience with my spouse.



Needless to say, things didn't happen as I thought they would. We used a condom, Trojan extra lubricated I might add. I felt such discomfort. I felt pain and dryness. As much as my partner wanted to continue having sex, it was quite painful. After a few times switching brands of condoms I found I was in more pain. I discovered blisters, extreme dryness and painful to touch. At that point I decided I must see a doctor. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor. After examining me, he offered me some creme, antibiotics and suggested a blood test for a Latex allergy.


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Within a week later, my doctor contacted me and informed me I have a severe latex allergy. He indicated my latex allergy was so severe I could have lost my life. I asked the doctor, what should I do about protecting myself against STDs, pregnancy and such, My doctor wrote me a prescription for lambskin condoms and advised lambskin condoms doesn't protect you against STDs, that it may prevent unwanted pregnancy however, the condoms are extremely thin.


The Following Symptoms Could be Latex Allergies:


- Allergic reaction to latex condoms symptoms.

- Red, itchy rash where your skin touched latex

- Swelling right around the site

- Sneezing, runny nose, teary eyes

- Wheezing


After finding out I have latex allergy I thought it was a simple common allergy such as the type of latex reaction, classified as a non-allergenic skin reaction. Repeated exposure to chemicals in latex condoms and results in dryness, itching, burning, scaling, and lesions of the skin. However, I experienced a delayed reaction, which result in the same type of reactions as irritant contact dermatitis (dryness, itching, burning, scaling, and lesions of the skin). The reaction, though, was more severe, it spreads to more parts of the body, and lasts longer.


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Americans are, which can make choosing a love glove a bit more challenging. In some cases, if you have a severe latex allergy, using a latex condom could be life-threatening. In other, milder cases, contact with latex causes an itchy or—worse!—blistering rash on the skin.


Natural condoms may prevent allergic reactions. However, anyone with a latex allergy knows that an itchy rash and general skin irritation are a common side effect. Having the above described symptoms happening in your intimate areas is not the most pleasant way to enjoy sex.


Although they are other alternative latex condoms you may use. You have to remember to always take precautions before every use. 


These condoms are more costly than the regular condoms and aren't always easy to find. If you need to use these condoms I would suggest you and your partner get tested before intimacy and remain in a monogamous relationship. Also, if you aren't planning to have children any time soon, use alternative birth control methods.


Staying Allergy Free: Explore Latex Free Condoms




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