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Learn How to Masturbate
Apr 13, 2015

While there are a lot of women out there that know what they are looking for in their pleasure there is that group of us out there that do not know what we want.  Whether we have all been told it is bad or a sin for self pleasure or not.  We women as a whole need to know what we like in order to know what to tell our guys when the time is right to start.  And that may be right out of the shoot or a few months into the relationship that is up to you.  But we should all know what we like. 


Here are some things that we need to learn about ourselves. The most important thing we can do for ourselves to make sure that we climax while masturbating is first getting yourself in the mood.  This will vary for each and every one of you!  Maybe taking a shower/bath and applying lotion all over, mood music and candles, comfy clothes in your favorite chair, or simply going to bed. You will want to make sure that you have privacy especially if you are already uncomfortable with the concept of masturbating.  Trust me this is important, I am speaking from experience here on this one!  Keep the phone on silent, if you need to make sure that your roommates aren't home so they don't barge in. 


That way if you do get a little loud you won’t have to worry about them after. If you are easing into masturbation then a clitoral orgasm is the best to learn and far easier.  Your clit is the small nubby of skin just above your vagina hiding in the small folds of your skin.  It is a small area that is filled with nerve endings that are extremely sensitive after you have climaxed. The best way for this is to start massaging slow and gentle, gradually building up the intensity of your touch as you get closer to your climax.  As you are climaxing you will want to ease up on your hand or toy right away as the area will be very sensitive. 


You may find that it is more pleasurable to provide indirect stimulation to the clit, if so, rub your fingers or the vibe around the outside of your clit.  There are several types of bullets that will help with this.  The Perfect Touch Excite is my favorite. Your G-spot is the next area that is chalked full of nerve endings and therefore sensitive.  Learning where yours is is a wonderful thing!  The G-spot is located approximately 1.5"-2" inside your vagina on the front wall, and only appears when you are aroused.  Hold your palm flat against your stomach with your fingers pointing downwards, then slowly move down your stomach and slide them inside then kind of hook them a bit.  You should feel a rough patch of skin that feels like the roof of your mouth.  This area is your G-Spot. 


While you have your fingers inside of you make a come hither motion with them to massage the area.  How you massage this area is up to you there is no right or wrong way. Experiment with this new found pleasure area ;) you will not be disappointed!  Always make sure that you are not using a pressure that hurts.  Sex and Masturbation is not meant to hurt.....unless you like BDSM. You also want to have a lubricant handy as well.  Any lubricant will make finding these areas just a little bit easier.  Warming and Tingling Lubricants are awesome on the Clit and the G-Spot.

Tomorrow I will give more tips on masturbating and some ideas on getting into the mood.




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