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Legal Age to Buy Condoms
Oct 1, 2015

Condoms are made for all shapes, sizes and flavors, but one thing they all have in common is that they help control the population. They are the most commonly used method of choice for birth control and if used correctly they are 97% safe and effective in controlling the population and prevent unwanted pregnancies.


However, there are so many unknown facts about them that I wanted to share with you today. Some are fun, some are serious and some are just downright strange.

Legal Age to Buy Condoms

For example, there was a very wonderful artist, Adriana Bertini that actually made an entire outfit made out of condoms. I am not sure that’d be one I’d wear, but it certainly is very creative. Another fun fact is that China holds the world’s record for creating the largest condom ever! Imagine being the one who had to enter that into the book for world facts. If you really wanted to throw the sales clerk off, next time ask them for a svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel! It’s the Danish word for a condom, not sure if they’d understand you but it sure would be funny. The Indian yarn weavers have even figured out how to use a collection of condoms that are meshed together into a glove. This not only heals the yarn wounds but it also prevents them from occurring and they can actually work faster thanks to the lubrication they contain.


There is nothing new about the use of condoms, as they have been mentioned in history books going all the way back to Egyptian times in 1350. In France there are illustrations found on the walls of caves that date back many centuries ago. They have been made out of animal intestines, animal bladders to thin pieces of leather and even tortoise shells. I have even heard of saran wrap being a primary use in a pinch, but, that is a whole other story altogether and I won't get into how I am aware that this was an original type of condom used way back in the day They took their birth control seriously even back in the day to ensure that we kept our population down. There was a time when Sweden took it so seriously that they’d send an ambulance to your home to provide you with a condom! How awesome is that?! That’s a service that really would be a wonderful thing to have in existence today.


In not so funny but factual laws that are still in existence today, condoms have always held a strange form of stigmatism to them. In a 2014 tabloid, it was reported that any pharmacist that sold a prophylactic to a woman should report this to the officers. It’s considered a not so good thing and is most commonly associated with the sex worker industry or adultery. In fact, in Pakistan even though they are not illegal, they are very hard to purchase due to this being viewed as something that will be used for premarital affairs, which you can definitely spend a nice amount of jail time for. However, how do you prove that to a police officer? Yes sir, I just do not want any more kids and I promise this is for my wife and me, would you like to give her a call and ask? Now that would be an awkward conversation to have if you ask me. In Cambodia if you are caught with a condom this will indeed land you in jail and most certainly assume you will be using it towards the act of fornication with a sex worker which is a crime in itself in that country.


In an odd twist to that story, the moment that South Korea made adultery a legal act, their condom production soared to an all time high. So where you are, surely does make a huge difference in the subject matter of condoms. For example, if you went to Malaysia, you’d not ever have a problem finding them as they are the world's largest manufacturers of condoms in the world. So it seems they enjoy the use of this little anti baby makers and I find that amazingly wonderful.


Just as there is always a good side to something there always has to be a ying and yang involved. Condoms in some parts of the country are so highly banned and illegal that you best just leave your collection at home if you plan on making a trip there.


Prisons in many countries have also banned the distribution of them for obvious reasons. They are not into promoting male on male sex and would just rather they go bare back than actually give them condoms to prevent what is going to be an inevitable thing that occurs especially for prisoners facing a long term or life sentence. Sure to some that is not acceptable, but in my opinion when in Rome do as the Romans do, especially if you will never ever encounter another woman again in your life. Why not at least make your long term stay more enjoyable. On the flip side to this, it also prevents the spreading of many diseases that prisoners bring home to their girlfriends and wives which can lead to long term illness and even death. So if you ever find yourself in a Belize, Barbados or a United States prison; to name a few, beware that if you did wish to partake it better not involve a condom or you’ll find yourself in even deeper water and probably end up in the hole for a long stay.


Like many countries, there are always some very strange and questionable laws in place. I shall leave you with these to pontificate on. However, please know that condoms, no matter what others say are the safest and most effective way to prevent pregnancies and spread diseases, so please do consider them when partaking in sexual acts.


Actual Laws:


-> Anyone in Bakersfield, California, must use a condom if they're having sex with Satan.

-> In Maryland, it's illegal to sell non-latex condoms in a vending machine. Any person caught doing so is guilty of a misdemeanour and can be fined up to $1,000.

-> In Nevada, sex without a condom is considered illegal.

-> In 2012, Los Angeles County passed Measure B, a law requiring the use of condoms in the production of pornographic films.


So please use your condoms wisely, and check your local travelling rules before you enter any country with your prophylactics.

It’s better to be safe, than sorry in this case.


Weird Laws/Customs For Legal Age to Buy Condoms:

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