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Lifestyles Lubricant
Dec 28, 2015

Lubrication is important. Most of us faithfully bring our cars in for an oil change every 3,000 miles, grease our bicycle chains, and keep a can of WD-40 on hand to quiet the occasional obnoxious squeaky door. So why is it that so many forego the use of lubricant in the bedroom? Assorted lubes can play an integral role in improving, varying, and simply spicing up your love life, and with so many to choose from, now’s the time to give this path-of-least-resistance a chance.

Reason 1: Personal Safety


As they always say, safety first! Intercourse without proper lubrication can lead to skin irritation, tissue damage, and a whole plethora of unpleasant symptoms nobody wants to associate with sex. Even in the case of vaginal intercourse, it’s often a good idea to err on the side of caution. For instance, don’t take lack of natural lubrication as a sign that your lady isn’t feeling aroused. According to WebMD, smoking, antidepressants and antihistamines, among other things, can all cause vaginal dryness. It’s also a known fact that after menopause, women can sometimes experience dryness, even during arousal. If your goal is to enjoy a prolonged sensual experience without having to worry about dryness or chafing, consider something reliable and popular, such as the Swiss Navy All Natural Lubricant, reviewed here, or Sliquid Sassy Lubricant. Lubricated condoms are also easily accessible and a great choice, though it’s important to remember that you should avoid oil based lubricants in conjunction with condoms, as this can cause them to break down. Silicon and water based are the best choices in these instances for sure. And it goes without saying, of course, that other methods of love making require something more specialized; for this, consider a liquid lubricant like Pjur Backdoor Comfort Water Anal Glide or Pink Silicone Lubricant. For more suggestions on anal lubes, check out Condomania’s section dedicated to them.


Reason 2: Variety


You don’t eat the same thing for dinner every night, and you probably don’t wear the same outfit daily or listen to the same playlist time and time again. Mixing things up is what makes life exciting. Unless you’re Amish (and I take it you’re not), variety in the bedroom is a must, and that shouldn’t stop at simply changing positions from time to time! From Astroglide to Lifestyles Lubricant, there are so many options that you could go with something new every night without any repeats. The market is so diverse, there are lubricants for men, women, and just about every specific activity that you can think of. You also have the option to choose between silicone based, water based and oil based, all of which have their own merits, uses and proponents. Condomania has 27 listed categories of lubrication types, so there’s surely something for everyone. In fact, there are even several organic and/or vegan lubricants on the market for those who don’t wish to have their love life conflict with their ethical values.


Reason 3: Pleasure Enhancement


Personal lubricant wouldn’t be so popular if it didn’t make foreplay and sex more pleasurable, of course! Sometimes lubing up is a good idea if you just want more sensation and more enjoyment. Products such as Nature Lovin’ Flavored Lubricants make oral sex more fun for both parties, while Condomania also has an assortment of masturbation lube for those who’re going solo, but have the good taste to avoid the old “hand lotion and tissues” approach. Gun Oil and Sliquid Ride Dude Lube are two of the more creatively named and popular anal lubes available for enhancing that experience as well. If you’re new to anal intercourse, be sure to consult some resources on the web, including our primer on the matter. There are also plenty of liquid lubricants for sensitive people, including medicated silicon and water based lubes. Remember: these products aren’t strictly utilitarian. The point is feeling good, and you can’t go wrong with any of these options!


Reason 4: Good Clean Fun!


The most important aspect of sex is fun. If it wasn’t fun, we’d probably all employ a less messy and time-consuming way of showing we care. Despite explanations revolving around an innate evolutionary desire to procreate, our own sexual habits tend to have an inverse relationship to it, according to Psychology Today. This explains the popularity of oral and anal sex amongst men and women in their prime. There’s a vast market out there for sex toys, gadgets and videos, and even more selection when it comes to condoms, lotions and lubes. Investing in fun, pleasure-enhancing lubricants is a gift to both you and your partner. Assortments of Wet Fun Flavors make for a cool party favor, and other flavored lubes like Astroglide Sensual Strawberry can really enhance an evening in all the right ways. There’s also a whole line of “arousal” lubes, designed specifically to enhance the experience for you and your partner, and stimulate you both mutually.


At the end of the day, there are plenty more than four good reasons to lubricate. Choose one, or choose them all; we’ve each got our own priorities and ideas as to what pleasure is all about. I hope that after reading these suggestions, proper lubrication becomes a staple consideration in your sex life, and that it’s no longer an oft-forgotten afterthought. With the right supplies, you can have lengthier, more enjoyable and safer intercourse, with a touch of extra flavor, if you so choose.


For further suggestions, peruse our site, shop with one of our guides, Lucy Lube or the Condom Wizard, or explore more blog entries. I think you’ll find that this will open a door into a great deal of more exciting sexual exploration, and you’ll have trouble understanding how you managed back in the “old days.”



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