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LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condom - One of The Best Fitting Condoms
Apr 4, 2016

There is such a wide variety of options on the market when it comes to condoms. Today, there are thousands of different brands and styles to choose from. I am here to discuss the different types that we carry. Today's condom is the Lifestyles Snugger Fit.


Designed to deliver the added stimulation and natural feeling you crave. Ultra sensitive with a unique, natural feeling shape. Lubricated for extra glide and enhanced sensation. Natural color and low latex scent. Convenient 3-count pack. LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condoms are USA made and distributed by LifeStyles right here in the USA! They come in individual packs of 3 and are designed to deliver the added stimulation and natural feeling you crave. The LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condom is exactly 7.87 inches in length, has an exact diameter of 1.14 inches and can accommodate an exact length up to 9 inches.

The LifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms include a reservoir tip and are made out of high grade, low scented Latex. Since theLifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms are made out of Latex, you may use both Silicone and Water Based lubricants if desired. For an extra effect, add a few drops of lube into the tip of the LifeStyles Snugger Fit condom before rolling it on. This will produce extra stimulation. The LifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms come in one solid color which is white. The LifeStyles Snugger Fit condom is designed to be one of the best fitting condoms around, so you can rest assured that when the LifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms are pulled out, it's going to be a night to remember! If you're looking for something similar, LifeStyles offers a very large unique variety of products, they carry 20 different types of condoms and 6 high grade lubricants and 5 different types of sexual enhancers and intimate products.


Quality Pledge


LifeStyles Brand Condoms undergo a battery of rigorous quality control tests at every point of our manufacturing process to ensure our condoms meet worldwide requirements. To test for holes, for example, our condoms undergo a strenuous water test. It’s here we fill the condom until it holds 300 ml of water to see if holes are present. This ensures that our condoms provide effective barrier protection. To determine condom strength, LifeStyles Brand Condoms undergo an Air Inflation Test as well. We inflate samples with air until they’re blown up to three feet high and one foot wide. More samples are tested for tensile strength and elongation. But the tests don’t stop there! Our patented Automatic Electronic Testing process checks for possible microscopic holes in our condoms one more time before they are packaged, for an additional measure of quality assurance and condom effectiveness. All of this testing assures you the highest quality product, guaranteeing the type of reliability you can count on!


LifeStyles Brand Condoms are manufactured to meet these standards throughout the world.

ASTM 3492

ISO 4074

EN 600


About Lifestyles


Ansell Limited is the new name of the Company Formerly known as Pacific Dunlop Limited.


The Company’s name was changed in April 2002 as a result of a strategic repositioning of the Company to concentrate on its core business, protective products and services in a broad healthcare context, and following the disposition of a series of other business units that did not fit within the strategy.


The new direction now being taken by the Company leverages the solid foundation provided by the Ansell Healthcare business that has been a major part of the parent company’s portfolio of businesses since it was acquired in 1969.


Ansell Limited, as the company is now known, has a long and distinguished career dating back to when its first business, pneumatic bicycle tire manufacturer, commenced in Australia in 1889. Since its commencement, the company has changed its name on many occasions to reflect the nature of the businesses in which it was involved at the time.


Ansell Limited is an Australian publicly listed company with its Corporate Head Office located in Richmond, Australia. The Company is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange as its home exchange.


Ansell Limited, a company specializing in barrier protection, has been in business for more than a century. In 1979, the company now known as Ansell Healthcare Products LLC, the maker of LifeStyles® condoms, became the first condom company to establish a division to meet the needs of the public health community and offer products at prices commensurate with its needs. This division, known as Ansell Sexual Health, enjoys a leading market share of this channel.


Ansell is proud to produce some of the best condoms in the world, manufactured to the highest global test standards. We back this all up with complete lot traceability on our packaging, enabling us to pinpoint which customer bought which lot, which manufacturing teams worked on it and when. We also offer the broadest range of condom styles so users can feel confident that they are reducing the risk of pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and STIs without sacrificing fit, feel or comfort.


The Sexual Health division sells the same high-quality condom products to universities and colleges; clinics; and state, county, and city health departments that are offered to the retail trade.


In addition, the Sexual Health division offers a wide range of educational materials. These include wooden demonstration models, “How to Use a Condom” brochures (English and Spanish) and the teaching manual “Sex Ed 101” written by Bill Taverner of Planned Parenthood of North New Jersey. This manual was designed to help preteens and young adults feel more confident dealing with sexual and social issues. Our well-known Sex Ed Kit contains all this material in an easy-to-use carry/display case.


One of the most existent problems people are having these days are slippage from not very well fitting condoms. Lifestyles Snugger Fit is the product of many issues caused by the improper fit. Some people are embarrassed while buying smaller sized condoms, but in reality, it's best to make sure that you have the right fit. Otherwise, you are at risk for STD's or pregnancy.



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